The first part of documentary showcase the training that

The first part of documentary showcase the training that Sandra Aguinaldo together with her executive producer and camera man have gone through. they were assisted by CTS or the Consolidated Training System Inc., to prepare them to go in a place where only few has the chance to visit/go. They were trained to go out of the helicopter assuming that it crashes in the sea and to save themselves from different kind of scenarios. it took them 3 days of training and that is enough for them to conclude that the basic offshore safety induction and emergency training is not easy.

At some point, it started to disturbed Sarah Aguinaldo as to what kind of place is the Malampaya to require them such preparation. After days of intense training, Sandra with her team finally reached the Malampaya platform, an Island made of steel, through a helicopter. They were welcomed by the workers and was assisted by Engr. Rey Barcebal, the offline Installation Manager.

As they arrived at the Malampaya platform some of the workers were ready to leave the platform with two reason; the first is that they get to enjoy 2 weeks time with their family (after a two weeks stay at the malampaya platform) as the routine prescribes and the second one is for safety since only 59 person can be accommodated by the life boats, then only 59 person can stay in the platform.

They were given a safety briefing and a detailed information on ho to stay safe while staying in the platform and was reminded that every schedule drill and every alarm is consider true thus, participation is highly encouraged.

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Her team also met Senior operation engineer Ariel Benipayo who taught them how to use this tool to measure a gas that is very essential in exploring the platform. they also met the Operation and Permit Coordinator ENgr, Danny Velasco in the permit control facility where they manage and control the work permit to avoid an unnecessary conflict in their assigned work.

As they continue to explore the Malampaya platform with Engr. Angeline Manlangit the only female working in the platform at the moment – It is indeed a proud moment knowing that there is female who can handle the work that is dominated by man. Sandra Aguinaldo saw some employees dealing with engine that is triple their size, some employees also work undisturbed under the sun and some climb in high places effortless for repair works. however, what disturbed Sandra Aguinaldo the most are the juggernaut in size engines and the flare which eliminates the excess gas whenever there is unexpected rise of pressure while the platform operates. they had the chance to visit the integrated control center as well and enjoy the cabin, the laundry room, the gym, and the billiard room in which most of the employees spent their 15 minutes break. Another thing that they witness is the arrival of the supply boat that carries food and water and also the one that carries their residual into the disposal facility. One of the joy in Malampaya platform is the good food that are being served everyday and it was taken care of Chef Francis Christian Ocoma who also handle the famous Camp Boss. The food in Malampaya is served in a Fiesta style. though, they are away from their family, special occasions are still celebrated here. Parties are also permitted as it was the only time where they can enjoy the time without thinking about anything, without worries that is now a part of their lives as they work in Malampaya platform.

In a glimpse, it seems that the life in a platform is good but the truth is, the sound of alarm has been part of their life as their profession is considered to be one of the most dangerous work in the whole world. The Malampaya operates by getteng the natural gas at the botttom of the sea. it goes through a well going to the production platform here the natural gas, water, and the condensate -a high quality oil- are being separated. this condensate are stored in the bottom of the platform ungtil a tanjer comes to vollet it. on the other hand, the natural gas goes through the 500 km tube going to BAtangas that was used by 3 power station to supply electricy for about half of Luzon. Malampaya platform is indeed a boost in our economy and was made possible by the joint venture of Shell, Shefron, And Philippine Oil Company. Though, controversies have sprout as to where the government use half of the fund allocated to this projectm it still receives 315 million loyalty since 2001. Since they work with gas and oil, the safety standard is strongly implemented. thus, anything that can cause spark or fire is off limits in the production area of the platform.

The platform also have its own doctor on board who is Dr. Milbert Aguas, the offshore medic. The medic room has first aid kit, defriblator, ECG, and sedatives given that the environment is indeed stressful. but as for Dr. Aguas, he prefer to not use any of this. Given that working in the Malampaya platform is dangerous the worst case scenario that might happen is a hydrocarbon explosion. With this in mind, there is a regular emergency drill and everyone is on full cooperation. every drill is a success but there’s this hope that they will have to use this in the future or in real life setting. The goal is not to leave the platform unless the safety of everyone is at risk for everyone is a VIP when it comes to safety. it is true that shutting down the malampaya platform will be a big drag to our economy that’s why the employees in the malampaya has doubled their effort to take care of the platform. However, being cautious is not enough to guarantee their safety as the environment is also a threat.


The recurring statement in the documentary that tells how dangerous it is in the Malampaya Island shows only three things; courage, love, and hope. courage because it requires a great amount of that for an individual to work in such highly dangerous environment/workplace. Love because -in my opinion- it drives everyone in the platform to work well. henceforth, it is not just their love for their family but for the country and their co-workers as well as they continue to work in a dangerous but harmonized workplace. lastly, hope, hope that this malampaya platform will be a stepping stone to a much more developed country that is why every individual in their is doing their best to be cautious to avoid unnecessary happenings that might result to the shutting down of the Malampaya Island.

This documentary is worth a time to watch. I am happy that i have chosen this to be my topic to review because it has serve as an eye opener for me as to how much a Filipino can do for their family and for the country with courage knowing that everyday is a life and death scenario.

I really like what I watched. if i have to rate it from 1-10 being 10 as the highest, i would rate it as 11. with all the knowledge and lesson that i got from it, i actually think that 11 does not suffice it.

Moreover, i found everything surprising. without watching the documentary i might as well die without knowing that there is such thing as an island made of steel. It delighted me that there are these people who are so courageous to choose this line of work and that they are happy with it. but what angered me is the fact that even in this part of setting, corruption is still present.

Looking back as to where i have started and to where i am now, i can see some courageous thing that I have done. i felt that i am one step closer to the shoe of that female employee in the Malampaya Island because i don’t see gender as a social construct and as a hindrance to what i want to do. i can see myself also in the place of the employees in the platform. being away from your family is hard, you will experience loneliness at its finest. however, thinking of what the outcome of your sacrifices might bring you and your family you will disregard everything and just strive and strive until the time when you no longer have to be away from them. overall, kudos to Sandra Aguinaldo and her team for bring us such exemplary documentary and to those 59 people working in the platform. they deserve respect and praise for being courageous to supply us with electricity and to uplift our economy and most specially, they do deserve our prayers.

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