The file Rose heart of Jan Seghers Review

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On the evening of August 3, 1966 Fausto Alba Nelli and his two Italian friends find the precious prostitutes Karin Niebergall called Karin Rose heart dead in her Frankfurt apartment. The apartment door is ajar. With lighted candles, the three men entered the premises carefully. Blood stains everywhere, a rumpled-poster bed and the curved body of the dead, torn to pieces over and over by stitches – leave this place the men fled. Ten minutes later, the police, alerted by radio message, on the spot.

Attorney Traugott Koehler considers himself a gifted jurist, and this case is just located to distinguish itself him. He takes over the high command and condemned as the first all in the investigation involved employees to absolute secrecy. The searches go in all directions. Fausto detailed physical description is not pursued. The stranger was how four people confirm time of the crime in a different place. The case is laid unclear to the files.

In August 2005, Police Chief Robert would Marthaler on a pleasant evening with his Hungarian girlfriend Tereza.

The next day she will fly to Budapest to take part in the opening of a painting exhibition. It will take a famous picture from the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.

In a small van ride Tereza, the museum director Louis Dorman and two guards with their preciousnesses the airport. Along the way they are stopped by two motorcyclists and attacked; the gangsters shoot a guard who violate Tereza hard and take the painting.

Now it is clear that Marthaler not allowed to participate in the investigation as an Interested.

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It is set in the Cold Case Unit and may work up there unsolved criminal cases. He comes to the Act Karin Rose heart.

Jan Seghers’ writing style is straightforward. He traces the protagonist differentiated in their traits, formulated in a clear, fluent and vivid. The novel begins with the crime Karin Niebergall; he keeps readers already with the first sentences. But beyond that, it succeeds very good, the sense of time of the sixties to life to make. The four young men from Liguria are among the first guest workers in Germany. From her little merit as a waiter not much remains; they share an apartment. The German citizens the “wop” appear very strange. The police (which runs VW Beetle) does not take them seriously.

The local color in and around Frankfurt lives in the novel. As directed by the Navi we drive on certain roads and turns – including stops at traffic lights. We are sitting in cafes and pubs, dining with Mirko.

The file Rose Heart has so much explosive. Marthaler has to determine. He quickly notes that some time has been covered up, missing even whole sections of the Act. His research without telling his boss and his colleagues. Instead, he started a young, headstrong woman named Anna Buchwald aside. Although a layman, it surprises with bold, criminological energy. It follows the petty criminal Bruno, her before he died from his severe head injuries, nor a set breathed into his ear: “It was about the pictures …” This mystery connects both crimes, and the author follows the investigation of the unequal pair. They hand experience of violence, intrigue and corruption.

Finally brings Seghers once properly air to present with conviction and consistency resolution. He has put a few more tricks up his sleeve that are totally unexpected turns with it.

For me, this is a successful thriller.

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