The Factors That Had an Impact on the Failure on Romeo and Juliet's Relationship

The fail of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship was not only the cause of external factors but also other factors. The relationship of Romeo and Juliet was constrained to fail from the beginning. The relationship could not endure with such constant animosity among the families. Romeo and Juliet were well aware of the families hate for each other. It was a grudge that was passed through generations after generations and it was going on for so long that no one was aware of what the actual feud was about.

This feud even caused the servants to hate each other. It was a ridiculous grudge that nothing could be done about it. The families were however relatively calm because they had the understanding of not associating with each other. It can also be said how fate aided with the death of them. They were star crossed lovers and it also refers to destiny and the inevitability of Romeo and Juliet’s paths crossing.

In this instance it referred to an unlucky outcome, since Romeo and Juliet’s affair had ended tragically. Romeo and Juliet married each other without sufficient preparation or thinking it out thoroughly and why it wasn’t a rational idea.

The theme of haste continues throughout the play. The impatience in all the characters of the story also had a great effect on the outcome. When Romeo and Juliet meet, they are very anxious to see each other again. The sense of urgency also showed when Capulet moved the wedding to a closer date, and then he moved it again.

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That rushed the story even more. When Juliet takes the Friar’s potion to fake her death, the Friar John has to rush to Mantua to deliver the letter to Romeo to let him know. Balthasar rushes to Mantua first, and tells Romeo that she is dead. Romeo is very impatient and goes to the Capulet Tomb when he hears this bad news. When he arrives, he presumes she is truly dead. He drinks poison and he dies. A little while later, Juliet awakens and finds Romeo to be dead. She then stabs herself. If Romeo had not have been so impatient, he would have received the letter from the Friar. This sense of impulsive behaviour had an enormous effect on all the events in the story.

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