The Efficiency of Blockchain Technology

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The efficiency of blockchain technology cannot be over emphasized as it has practically affected virtually every aspect of human activities in our 21st century. The world has never seen a tech that has aided development faster than the speed of light. Restaurant and fast food business along side the food industry are eventually not left out in the goodies and advancements of the technology.

The big question is how will this technology affect this industry positively, which has practically led to the establishment of a platform call Restaurant P. I is built on the structure of blockchain which permits it in acting as an intermediary between restaurant owners and consumers within a particular location in which the project is adopted.

The establishment of the platform on blockchain proves and showcases genuity and gives guarantee which propels it’s adoption and trust level.

Numerous deals which attracts discounts are on stake for the activities of adopters that visits and customer experience. Various partner restaurants stay anonymous while eating the pattern. After submitting the feedback, customers are rewarded with a contract coupon which can be used in the next visit. Lunch tokens are used to fill the secret shops and encourage them to repeat the inspection. How will the platform function?? The developers of Restaurant P. i has created a SaaS application which functions and utilizes virtual token in offering What is Lunch Money:- Token:- An ERC-20 token built at Etherium blockchain for lunch.

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It contains 18 digits and its token name is LMY. Total supply of 250,000,000. Problem & Solution:- Poor customer service is resolved with anonymous customer supervision and incentives.

Opportunity to earn:- Customers worldwide are able to post feedback and earn crypto. Exchange:- Swap Lunch Money with other digital currencies. Lunch Money thrilling development to our ecosystem includes The Lunch Money token fight against fake reviews and poor customer service could present the following benefits for the participants. Anonymity The Restaurant P.I patrons ( P.I.s) will not need to avail their details during the review as the visits are entirely anonymous during dining.Benefitors tend to seek healthy meal options within an array of menu items. Restaurant owners need to rapidly adapt to the changing demands to flourish in this industry. Discounts Customers/Patrons get rewarded with deal coupons and restaurant discounts after successfully submitting their anonymous feedback. Rewards There are incentives for completing secret shops and repeat visits. This is a unique project that can thrive and propel the adequate provision of food. This platform has been successful overtime,Lunchmoney the annual growth rate of this industry has been 3.1 percent monitored during 2012-17 and it employs Approximately 4.5 million people in the USA. Conclusively, getting feedback is an invaluable asset for businesses such as restaurants and other food serving businesses and Lunch Money offers a vital and powerful tool for customers to get a resourceful platform for quality advice. While there are plenty of advantages that come with the financial incentive, we may not fully know the quality of the platform till it launches. It remains an exciting venture, and it would be interesting to see how customers use the platform.

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The Efficiency of Blockchain Technology
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