The Effects and Possible Solutions of Drug Abuse in Society

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Drug abuse is rife in our society today. Our states have set aside funds to aid in curbing drug abuse, diagnose drug related diseases and solving crimes resulting from drug addicion. Although drug addict has been a jeopardy to many societies, their impacts can be mitigated successfully. This essay covers the consequences of drug abuse in our society and suggesting possible solution to the problem. Drug abuse causes many problems in our society. One, it has led to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/Aids, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Chancroid, Crabs (Pubic Lice), Genital herpes, Genital warts, Hepatitis B and many others.

Most drug addict victims after taking drug tend be sexually vulnerable and can easily engage in unprotected sex which results to the spread of these diseases. Many drug addict victims have died because of drug related diseases like lung cancer, liver cirrhosis, throat cancer among others. Coupled with killing the drug users, it has led to the increase in the number of orphans and widows who are left behind living in destitute.

This also results to the increase in the number of street children who loafs in the streets looking for their basic needs. Increase in social crimes cannot be go without being mentioned. The rate at which social crimes, like robbery, prostitution, violence, child abuse among others, are increasing is alarming. Many couples have divorced because of family violence after drug abuse leaving the innocent children to suffer and exposed to stress they don’t deserve. Attempt to seek money for purchasing drugs has led many drug users to indulge into prostitution, child labor and even robbery.

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Because of drug addict many people have been rendered jobless. Upon taking drugs they become fatigue when on duty what lowers their level of performance. Some even report to work late or even miss reporting to their work. Violence at work stations can also shift blame on drug abuse. All these acts violate the job ethics and would result to losing job or face sanction for showing disobedience at work. When the bread winner loses job that marks the beginning of dependents’ anguish. How many accidents have occurred as a result of drunkedness? Drug addict has made drug users to over speed vehicles, or fail to follow the traffic rules and ignoring road signs resulting to accidents which have claimed lives of many passengers and road users. Loss of government expenditure. Much has been spent by our government to alleviate drug abuse in our societies. The funds that would have been used in other developmental activities, like constructing roads, hospital,school and others, is wasted on anti-drug abuse campaign. This becomes a problem to our society because government expenditure is directed to non-income generating activity.

Limited labor force to our industries. Drug users are known to be very weak after taking drugs like alcohol, and therefore cannot attend to their duties at working stations. Some because of fatigue fail to report to work and this affects our industries which need labor force to carry on with its production process. When our factories fail to operate due to limited force labor, goods become limited in the market forcing us to import goods at a higher price. Much has been said on effects of drugs and the only way to save ourselves from this crisis is to seek the solutions. One, we need to conduct anti-drug abuse compaign.Here we will be able to create awareness on the dangers of drugs to scare those who have not become victims from using, while to those who are victims already they find a way to stop it.During the campaign drug users will be taught various methods to employ to stem continual abuse of drugs.

Establishing drug rehabilitation centres. These will we be used to isolate drug addicts from others and reclaim them to their previous drug-free life. They will be tamed and drug free ambience created for them until they fully stop using the drugs. Later they will be set free to rejoin the society. Impose law on the drug baron. People who have been responsible for the supply of drugs should be reported and arrested or deported to their home country if is a foreigner. Some countries have imposed a law that whenever a drug trafficker is found should be arrested without bail or fine to act as an example to rest who are also merchandizing the same goods (drug) and those planning to join. This will help to control drug abuse since the rate of supply will be reduced. Form youth tournaments during holidays. Some of the drug users have become susceptible to drug addict because of remaining idle for most of their time. Just as the say goes, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” some have become vulnerable to drug abuse because they lack commitment.

When tournaments are formed many people will be involved and this will help to keep their minds busy. It is advisable to hold tournaments during holidays because this is the time most of the teenagers are around. Although preventing drug abuse may be difficult, but efforts need to be put in place with little ignorance since this prepares a good life to our future posterity in the society. The image of our society is restored when we declare to have a drug free zone and all the drug related problems will be solved as we live in peace.

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