The Economic Value in Marriage and the Effects of Single Parenthood on Children

Many young women from poor economic backgrounds become pregnant at a young age. This was the case for Jen Burke when she became pregnant at the age of fifteen with her twenty, year-old boyfriend, Rick, She made the decision to keep the baby because she thought it was an honor to have his kid when he could have had had one with any of his previous partners. .len chose not to stay with Rick though. because he could not shake his delinquent behavior.

He drank, smoked, cheated, and committed various crimes. one of which landed him in jail for 137 30 years. Jen ultimately decided to leave Rick because she wanted a better economic partner to ensure both an easier life and a more stable marriage. Jen’s story contradicts the theory that young, poor women no longer value marriage. Although she and other women of her demographic had children outside of marriage, that does not neces arily mean they no longer cherish it.

There is a higher standard for marriage in modern times, which poor women seek as well They are waiting longer to get married so that they can better themselves financially instead of settling for a man with lower ambitions. In fact, these young women view divorce as worse than having children born out of wedlock. Seven out often of these women will go on to get married later on in life. Growing up in a single parent home can greatly affect the children, By only having a single parent, the child may not have guidance from a proper maternal or paternal figure in their life.

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The lack of another parent may also affect their living standards because their families may only have one source of income ifthe other parent does not pay child support. On the other hand, growing up in a single parent home may benefit the child because they are more likely to become more independent compared to other children. Without the watchful eyes of two parents, the autonomy amongst these children increases. There is also no fighting amongst the parents and less chance of domestic abuse, which could have otherwise affected the child negatively.

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