The Economic, Health, and International Agreement Issues of Space Exploration

In our human history, many explorations have taken place one of the most recent exploration that took place is the space exploration itself. Like all explorations, it is very important to recognize the conflicts that many will face. It is very useful for one to plan out his/her decisions when he/she is to go on a trip, some of the most important decisions that are needed to take place are the economical issues, the chances of the possible health issues, and the possible agreements with other nations to cooperate on the mission.

Financial issues are one of the most common problems that can take place. It is inevitable for a nation to be excused with finances for a huge project like a space exploration. It is important to recognize the costs of“… all the spin-off technologies [and that we will not be able to]… leave the money here on earth”(Roberts), Whether it is the expense on fuels or the rockets, it will all leave the earth and evaporate away from our existence as soon as it leaves for space.

The money and resources that were used will be all gone and are trashed somewhere in space. Therefore, it is very important to limit as much budget a nation can take in order to preserve the resources and finance in the earth. Space exploration is a blind hunt and can only be searched but cannot be planned. Exploring and searching for something in space is the same as finding a needle in a haystack.

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We do not have much knowledge of space and do not have many ideas of what can possibly be out there. It is safe for many to carefully regulate the finances that are being used in the exploration in order to preserve the finances that one have here on earth. Besides financial issues, it is as well the same for one to carefully put the thought of the potential health issue that space exploration can bring. It is important to acknowledge the possible “,,,infections of extraterrestrial germs [that] might… [have been] riding with them”(Greenberg). Because of our little knowledge of space, it is possible to assume that an extraterrestrial being might be out there, Just like the possibility of an extraterrestrial being existing out in space, it is also possible to assume that an extraterrestrial pathogen can be lingering around space as well, It is important to take precaution to avoid bringing in germs and diseases in Earth from the coming back explorers.

It is safe to say that spending the time and effort to discuss this subject is much better than discussing a cure for an unknown disease caused by pathogens in space.  Although it is true that there have been many conflicts between nations throughout human history, it is important to prepare for any cooperation with other nations during the space exploration programs. The earth is “… as it appear; blue and white, not capitalist or communist: blue and white, not rich or poor: blue and white, not envious or envied…”(Collins). The nations of the earth rnust cooperate for them to progress further into the new discoveries that are and will be found by space programs around the world. Just like how international waters exist in the ocean, we must also consider the fact that there are no special groups in space that can separate humanity from each other.

There are no race, religion, and political parties that can affect the unity of all nations to one Just like having allies being united due to the same goals that they all share, it is also the same for all nations in the world to cooperate with each other for the topic of space since all nations share the same goals, which is to know more about spacer. Therefore, it is very important to prepare one’s heart to stay neutral and peaceful for one to succeed in a bigger goal, the exploration of space that can affect the lives here on earth. All in all, it is true to bring in careful effort and planning on the financial expenses of the exploration, the potential dangers of an extraterrestrial pathogen, and the readiness for a nation to work with other nations. Space exploration is not a simple issue that one can take lightly and must be carefully reported for many possible consequences for the decision of a space exploration.

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