The Difficulty of Coping with Disappointment in Situations of Falling in Love

“Did you know that it only takes one fifth of a second for the euphoria chemicals to start acting on the brain when you see the person you’re falling for?” According to Psychology of Love studies, the brain gets a hit from love much like the hit the brain will get from cocaine, The life is sucked out of me most when I am falling for someone, Everything seems to freeze up and my mind goes elsewhere from focus, work, family, friends and everything else seems to seem like a mere issue.

When one is falling for someone else, their life is most likely to become messy as they get distracted and unfocused Sometimes you can say that falling for someone makes people extremely happy but they are most likely struggling. Always look into the person’s actions and attitude when they‘re falling for someone Distractions come in the most shocking disguises Feelings and stubborn emotions are some of the biggest distractions, with evenly weighted blessings and cursest Falling for someone is a messy thing that cannot be controlled, for one, usually the biggest distraction for someone, With ADD.

I already have enough of a struggle to focus The fact that their might be someone around me that cares only distracts me more, The questions of what is the other person thinking, or will anything ever happen spin in my head and confuse me. Trying to focus on my work when someone’s name is in the back of my head keeps me from being able to focus on anything at all.

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Keeping my feelings hidden has always been the hardest for me. I can only trust a few people and the risk of others finding out is quite large. The stress that one gets from freaking about someone else knowing is really stressful. For me, I physically get sick and occasionally run feverst The other issue is having to look the person, I‘m falling for, in the eyes everyday andjust smile, I have stress based impulse disorder, I say what I want in the moment and don’t think about what will happen next or about the other person’s reactiont Maintaining control when I’m most weak is very difficult The difficulties for falling for someone include, certain disorders, distractions and trying to control them all at once is ridiculously risky.

Sure it can be said that those who find romance or love are the happiest people, but they are often the ones with the most struggles I find myself stressed on a daily basis, my mood will swing too quickly and the only time I’m happy is around the person or my closest friends.l’m constantly told to chill out, to calm down and that it’s not a big deal. When I’m stressed out about an issue i have no control over I become a mess The stress and nerves follow me home and affect my attitude to my parents. Letting parents into one’s private life has always taken place with bad results, I find myself saying; “don’t worry about it,” or “just leave me alone, okay?” Which my parents never appreciate> which only frustrates and stresses them out. From the “Science of Love” webpage, studies have shown that when one is simply falling for someone you can notice a behavioral pattern change in one’s attitude. It is understandable how some can say falling for someone is the best thing that could happen to them.

Being around the person I’m falling for gives me happiness and nervous jitters that in the moment will brighten my day. Even though happiness is brought into the lives of those when they‘re around their “crush,” there are many painful and deeper consequences than one would think For the time, the people finding romance seem to be the brightest people there are, but looking closer it’s easy to notice how much the person is concentrating on that part of their life, instead of grades, family, work or reality I will admit I‘m one to put my social life before my academic life The consequences for that are much more drastic than I thought I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by my friends constantly, but adding feelings for someone into the mix of things, is truly a catastrophic turn of events Instead of spending time with my family I find myself breaking away to ask my friends for advice while avoiding my homework. I‘m not giving my family a chance to know me because my feelings want someone else to know me betteri.

Any teenager doesn’t like homework but when it comes to feelings, the feelings and social life always seem to place above the academic life, Most times I put on a facade A facade that everything is okay and that stress isn’t really a big deal. Behind the smile, my closest friends can notice my worrying, my stress and my frustration all of which one problem is causing, One might be happy in falling for someone, but have you ever really looked at the person long enough to know if they’re okay? Being distracted will occur in various ways and various times. Thoughts of one person are one key distraction to one’s life that have more consequences than benefits For someone, like me, struggling with two disorders that already keep me unfocused and stressed out to the edge, falling for someone only adds on to the mountainous load of stress I find falling for someone a huge problem in my life because I lose control of almost everything Nothing of extreme lengths with long lasting results can be done to control feelings, they are almost impossible to controlr The most that can be done is to learn how to cope with the disappointments and results that will come from falling for someone.

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