The Different Themes in the Movie "Life is Beautiful"

“Life is Beautiful” is a movie with many different themes, First off, the movie is about the human spirit.” This signifies that our spirit of us Will live on forever, and we must take our spirit to have hope for the future, Hopefully we, people, can take this movie and learn from it a necessary fact; That things will be better for our children (in the future) than they are right now. I can certainly relate to all of these quotes.

Young Joshua had spirit only because his father, Guido, was able to keep his hopes up. If Guido had not told Joshua all the things he did (the Holocaust was really a game, they are all players, and they needed to get one thousand points), then a strong case could be made that Joshua wouldn’t have survived long enough to ever see his mother again. I believe it IS important to have spirit in times of trouble, no matter how impossible it seems you will survive.

As the movie states, “God is only a servant to man, not a slave.”

This is important to keep in mind; that He is blessing you every day with his spirit. although ll may be hard to see. There is always hope for the future, Guido kept hoping that somehow his family would survive the concentration camps. Of course, Guido was shot, but he kept Joshua‘s hopes up by making a game out of their experience. Also, Guido keeps showing that he loves his wife by getting on the loudspeakers and playing music through the window This shows he has faith that in whatever way their family wrll remain intact.

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This for me is hard to feel; I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes it is so small I cannot see it. I am inspired by Guido‘s ability to keep hoping that his Wife and son would live to tell this horrifying experience. In our world today there is certainly a need for a sense of security for the children of the world.

We, people, must try to learn from the past and make the world a better place for our next generation. At the end of the movie, prisoners start to walk out of the camps. totally silent. Hopefully, these people ended up having their story heard, so others could learn from it. l have made many mistakes in the past, but they are very valuable to me. because I have learned so much from them. “Life is Beautiful” is a movie about hope, human spirit, and making our children live in a better world. I can relate to all these themes of this great movie Roger Ebert’s quote has meaning to the moi/re, to myself. and to the world as a whole Hopefully we Will all learn the themes of this moVie to make the world a better place today.

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