The Different Elements of the Dance, Sabroso

The dance Sabroso encompasses everything enjoyable about movement and the act of dancing. The choreographers Del Dominguez and Laura Flores used numerous elements to make their dance a success, from the costuming, to the music, to even the individual pairings of dancers. The entirety of the dance was enjoyable as an audience member, and seemingly for the dancers on stage as well, the energy was apparent throughout The dance shined through as fun in every single element that was used, The coloring of the dresses were multicolored and every girl had a different color on their bodies, the skins were flowy and moved when they danced.

There were several separate sections, they alternated between the entire group dancing with similar choreography, to a single pairing, to only having a few pairings on stage together, The movement took place all around the stage, when the entire group was on, but stayed generally more central when there was an individual pairing.

There was a movement motif that was present throughout the dance, that was the use of leg movements.

There were kicks, high and low, that were used several times throughout the dance that the women would do while partnering Quick turns were also used frequently throughout. The accompaniment changed a few times throughout the piece, signifying a new section, new movement, and new pairings. The music had latin roots and most was upbeat, there were a few sections where the music was more somber. When the music turned somber, the lighting would also change, it changed from bright warm colors, to cool purples and blues.

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The elements all come together to represent the fun of life and the fun of dancing, all of the elements come together to signify this. The piece reminded me of a few different popular culture icons, the first being West Side Story, the company did a section that was very reminiscent of the movie musical, they had the men on one side and the ladies on the other. In this section of the choreography the dancers somewhat “battled it out” similar to the iconic scene in West Side Story. Another pop culture reference that this movie reminded me of was the movie Dirty Dancing, mainly because the entire basis of the movie is centered around Baby and Johnny and their escapades in dance, which is predominantly partnering. All of the dancing in the movie is fun and sensual, which is very similar to the dancing that was in ”Sabroso”. The final thing that this dance reminded me of, was Cuba and its rich history.

In the mid 20th century dance was a huge part of Cuban culture and the cuban atmosphere, people used to vacation in Cuba all the time to enjoy the warm weather and tropical atmosphere, but when night time hit, people flocked to the streets to dance and have a good time The dances that people did in Cuba were frequently the Cha-Cha and other partnering styles, which is what ties into the dance, the styles were very similar, as well as the music, which created a similar atmosphere It helps to read the piece a lot more because the things all three of those examples had in common were the romance aspect. The dance and its meaning changed when I thought about the connections that were tied to those examples, I believe that this piece was portraying not only having a good time in life, but the cycles of relationships.

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