The Different Elements of Survival in Maus, a Novel by Art Spiegelman

Courage is always shown as the most important quality of survival, but I disagree with this statement. Survival is not always depending on one thing. What I think is, there are some important qualities, which courage is one of them. In the story of Maus by Art Spiegelman, Vladek is the main character who has shown as a survivor of World War 2. First of all, your knowledge and intelligence would be the first two things in order to survive in a bad situation.

Even if you have courage, but you cannot think smartly, your courage ends up useless. For example, the moment that Vladek put the Polish mask to go out and get some food was very smart. However, he could not have done it if he wasjust smart, he had to be brave and smart at the same time, For those reasons, Courage could not be the only important quality.

In addition, patience is another quality of survival.

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When Vladek and his wife went to his friend’s house to hide, she told them to stay at the basement until she comes back, If they could not hold up enough, they could have been caught or even killed.

It shows that a simple thing like “patience” is important for you to survive. Money and wealth are also important. In order to prepared food, to get a place to hide, you need money, Vladek was able to get the best food at any time just because he was rich enough to pay for it In conclusion, patience, intelligence, knowledge, courage and wealth are some of the most important quality of survival. Courage is not the only thing that is important. I believe we should have a combination of all those skills in order to survive. Let‘s say you are brave enough to do anything, but you are unable to do it wisely, so your braveness becomes useless.

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