The Differences Between Drug Use and Drug Abuse and the Government's War on Drugs in the United States

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Drug Use & Drug Abuse

Some key differences between drug use & drug abuse are that anyone can use a drug. Furthermore, the definition of the term drug usage actually focuses extensively on the context in which a specific individual or group of individuals uses a drug. The drug addiction aspect of the issue revolves around not only the extensive use of a drug (up to several times per day) but includes the psychological as well as physiological effects that the particular drug of choice has on one’s body.

The relationship between drug addiction and drug dependency go hand in hand. Specifically, drug addiction coincides closely with drug abuse and refers to the intense usage as well as ongoing desire to use a particular drug of choice over and over again.

Furthermore, in the case of the latter one’s time is mostly reoccupied with getting as well as staying high. Drug dependency is drug addiction! By far, alcoholism in combination with prescription drug medication abuse, as well as dependency has become a real issue in the past two decades.

The government website, is a highly valuable resource with regards to determining as well as reviewing illicit drug usage over the entire United States and covers and wide variety of “trends “which are updated accordingly. Discuss the ultimate failure of the war on drugs – and some of the key casualties of that war and why the war continues despite the failures. The ultimate failure of the war on drugs is that drug use is a personal choice and only becomes a social issue when both addiction and dependency bring the druggie to the point of partaking in criminal activity such as robbery, burglary, fraud, embezzlement, and so forth (other forms of criminal activity).

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Most causality of the War on Drugs are in fact family which are broken up due to incarceration or torn apart due to prescription drug use. Children bear the brunt in cases involving drug abuse and neglect. Furthermore drug and alcohol use, dependency and addiction pave the way to homelessness as indicated in our PowerPoint for the chapter as well as dieses due to drug addiction (ex: sharing needles as well as various mental and physical health conditions) The biggest failure with regards to the “War on Drugs” is that the complete and utter banning of drugs has created not only a thriving black market but is a self-perpetuating devastating cycle.

To be quite frank, banning a substance only makes individuals want it more but as demand shoots through the roof for a particular substance/drug making sellers and producers of the substance wealthy. Specifically the article entitled, “The 100 Year War on Drugs: A Colossal Failure, Waste & Injustice” written by Mark Thornton and published in 2014 highlights the fact that the War on Drugs was created to “marginalize the poor as well as ethnic minorities such as Black African Americans, Mexicans and even Asians” (Thornton, B. M. (2014).


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