The Development of My Model on Fantasy Football

A minute had already whizzed by. The countdown suddenly morphed from white to red as l frantically typed into the keyboard 30 seconds left. Sitting in my room on a mundane summer night could not have been more stressful. lnputting data left and right, I felt on the verge of reaching a conclusion. Either that or Microsoft Excel was ready to crash, I wasn’t really sure. Only 10 seconds left, The apparent “conclusion” was not really a conclusion at all, as the model somehow pumped out two names, quite an anticlimactic finish to my furious rally.

With mere seconds remaining on timer, I decided to pick a name based on the old adage that ”running backs are the key to running the table.” | hovered over the icon forAndre Ellington of the Arizona Cardinals and clicked “select“ with only a second left on the clock. Phew! Fantasy Football: a game for only serious football fans, l have begun to question that statement, as l have never seen someone take fantasy football as seriously as I do.

It’s not difficult to explain why so many Americans take part in this addicting online simulation. Football has become America’s most popular sport, and fantasy football gives Americans an opportunity to test their football knowledge and managerial sawy as they take charge of a fictitious team themselves. However. most Americans do not realize that Football games are won and lost based on numbers, mathematics. All NFL teams these days employ statisticians and analysts, their charts and figures as influential as the reports of scouts and talent evaluators, What most people do not realize is that these statistics are fastened as a tenet of fantasy football as well.

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The so called “expert” opinions found on websites such as ESPN and Rotoworld are based on statistical analysis. Why would I, acting as a fantasy football GM, not attempt to gain an edge over my opponents by partaking in the mysterious realm of statistical analysis? Applying statistics to this online game could not be more fascinating.

Originally dissatisfied with the faltering opinions of the pundits, I decided to attempt to tame the unpredictable beast that is the NFL myself. Harnessing swaths of player statistics from online databases, | concocted a Microsoft Excel model to predict the statistics of each and every NFL player for the following season. Nevertheless, these hoards of predicted stats served no purpose unless they could somehow be combined to produce a coherent ranking of NFL players at each position. Thus, I had to devise a weighted algorithm to amalgamate each and every statistic into a single number. Due to the subjective nature of the algorithm, my model was not accurate initially. However, as each season passed, my model would be tweaked and corrected Now entering its fifth season, my model is at its best. Holding an undefeated record this season, I confidently proclaim that an analytical approach to fantasy football will pave the path to glory and success.

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