The Desert Expedition By Kalyl Haider

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Hi, I’m Arya. I’m on an expedition with some friends. Their names are Jared, Jordyn, and Madisen. Today, we are starting our expedition at Glamis, California and then we are going to make our way to Mexico. This trip is going to take about 3 days. Today our goal is to get at least one fourth of the way through the dunes of sand, today.

We have plans to get water too. Since we are currently in the desert while also experiencing a drought, water is not the easiest thing to get too.

So, we are going to use our friend Jared, to build underground water wells to get ground water for us and other people that are going on a expeditions. Building the wells is the full purpose of the expedition and Jared needed us to help him carry the supplies. We also have our friend Garet driving all of the bricks and heavy supplies to the destinations. But, in the meantime it’s only Jordyn, Jared, Madisen, and I.

We have past about one third of the way to our destination but we have to stop to build a well.

This well was really hard to make and now were not so sure that we are going to finish before the end of the day. This is because, we still have to walk another two thirds of the way and stop two more times until we get to the place where we are going to set up camp.

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Now, we have finished the three wells and gotten to part of the way of our journey. We are going to stop and set up camp. The reason we are walking is because, Jordyn is a meteorologist in training and has an assignment to travel through a desert find the weather, and experience the harsh weather in a desert. He wanted to travel in Antarctica, but Jared needed to build the wells so they both joined forces.

It’s now the next day, and we are expected to get another two fourths of the way to get closer to Mexico. Today, we are supposed to be meeting with a scientist who has experienced a drought by his home and has looked into it and studied it. He said we were going to learn about the drought situations in both the Sahara desert, and the Sahel region that is turning into a desert. He will be arriving in about an hour. In the meantime, we are going to go to our first destination today and start building the first well of the day.

The guy finally came and explained that the Sahel region is turning into a desert because, there was a drought that occured and the animals have no water. Then, he also said that the Sahara desert is about the size of the United States of America. The desert’s only water source is underground ancient rivers. When the guy left Jordyn found that the temperature today is the hottest it has ever been in Glamis. We all were very tired and thirsty as we were in the intense heat of 126 degrees fahrenheit.

When we finally came to water we were very relieved. We continued going to our next destinations and ran into some news. The government had past a law for California that only farmers have the right to use as much water as they need to, do to the vicious drought. We completely agreed to the law because, we don’t want to run completely out of water. We continued our journey for another two days and we have arrived at the border of Mexico were we are going to get in the car to go through security. As soon as we passed security, we got out of the car and meet up with some friends from Mexico and began our journey back home. This time we are going in a plane to get back to Sacramento were we came from.

Today, is the second day back home. This journey has been amazing and we have had a lot of learning experiences in these days in Glamis. Overall, we were able to get everything we needed to get done, done. Now, Jordyn is a meteorologist in Sacramento for the news show. Jared, has a job to collect groundwater to put in a filtration system to get some water. I, am now going to just simply travel for no reason at all just for fun in different areas, to learn more about the different areas on Earth. This, is my story of my Glamis to Mexico expedition.

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