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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR through Essay

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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd), and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) conducted the 2019 National Search for Sustainable and Eco- Friendly Schools.

The school system is vital part of our basic learning that is seen as a influential vehicle for change, in response to the search, Trece Martires City Elementary School (TMCES) has become more actively involved in environmental issues.

It is everybody’s concern or responsibility to think green, clean and save the environment and one of the concerns of the search is paper conservation. In using or conserving paper, we reduce the need to cut down trees to make new paper and we save money. When we will be using less paper then we will not feel the need to buy more papers. We will be saving our money overall.

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Anything we can do to save paper will help reduce the amount of trash going into landfills, and it will also reduce energy use and pollution associated with manufacturing, transporting, and recycling new paper products.

The sole benefit of reducing paper consumption is saving the world so paper saving is one of the high priorities of the school. Learners, teachers, and parents are encouraged on the reduction of wasteful paper consumption to save the forest. Teachers are instructed to develop environmental support instructional materials which will be used in integrating the environmental awareness to the lesson, the learners’ mind need to be awakened that much of the paper use is wasteful and unnecessary and some of it is connected to human rights abuses, forest destruction, pollution and climate change emissions. In this way, they can spread the message of saving papers among their friends and colleagues. This is a start in avoiding environmental hazards and saving trees before disaster strikes.  

One way of saving the paper is through recycling, learners are taught on how to make charcoal paper, they crumpled the paper, dried up to make it as charcoal materials. It is also important to have a constant reminder to the learners to utilize the notebook fully. It is significant to use paper completely before turning paper and to check if there is any space left to use before discarding it so learners are encouraged to do so for recycling to reduce paper waste. They make it a classroom goal to recycle all of the paper that they consume.

A separate sack can also be found at one corner of the room where pupils can put their trash paper. This practice is being implemented in all grade levels so with the administrative staffs. The accumulated papers will be sold to the junk shop and will serve as the classroom fund which will be used in purchasing materials needed by the pupils.

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