The Dangers of a Dystopian Society

George Gerbner once said. “Fearful people are more dependent. more easily manipulated and controlled, more susceptible to deceptively simple, strong. tough. measures and hard line postures… They may accept and even welcome repression if it promises to relieve their insecurities.” People are then basically slaves under someone’s control. an act at their bidding. In a world where an individual is being dominated by a brutal society, Adystopian society is the most dangerous society for an individual; It will display make believe information to publicize the audience toward an inhumane cause and completely desensitize an individual to everything and everyone.

The dystopian society uses propaganda to control their civilian slaves to whatever they want. convince them with lies to cover up the truth so then they have rule over them. Ray Bradbury. the author of the dystopian novel. Fahrenheit 451. wrote that novel to give us a warning about what might happen to us in the near future. by being controlled by the government.

with convincing false information and going along with it without arguing about their decisions. In Fahrenheit 451. he wrote. “They’re faking. You threw them off at the river. They can’t admit it. They know they can hold their audience for so long. The show’s got to have a snap ending. quick! If they started searching me whole damn river it might take all night. So they‘re sniffing for a scapegoat to end things with a bang“ (Bradbury).

Montag, the protagonist. escapes the city successfully. the government uses the media and the television which has programed civilians to have short attention spans and have no curiosity.

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to show Montag killed and forever gone. This message shows us how the government can easily persuade the civilians about any incident that happened. They use the media and the television. which today. everyone uses and we can‘t live without. and it‘s a convenient and effective way to deliver messages across the nation. The fact how the government uses the media and the television to send these messages means that we can be easily deceived about anything that comes on the media. In addition to this propaganda topic. a professor. George Gerbner wrote an article about how us on how we are being propagandized in the present time. He says, “Children are hearing most of their stories. most of their time. not from their time parents or school. or neighbor. but from a handful of global conglomerates”(Gerbner).

Gerbner explains how we are letting our children. the future generation. to learn information from the media. where and whatever they say is true. The fate of the children is being controlled by advertisers, news reporters who apparently only show bad news and can give bad advice, This message shows us the results of letting the media teach the children important and useful information that they’ll later use in life. The fact how most of us are letting the media teach our children is wrong and very ineffective. The way how the government will tell us false information and then we believe them and follow them blindly is one thing how a dystopian society is the most disastrous society for an individual.

The dystopian sooety Will completely desensitize an individual to everything and everyone. making them unhuman who can’t feel grief and sorrow when someone is being hurt. like a person dying in front of you and you don’t feel anything bad towards them. Suzanne Collins. an author who wrote the bestseller novel. The Hunger Games. wrote the novel to tell us about how we might become emotionless humans because of a totalitarianism government. a state who holds total authority over the society and seeks control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. which is a dystopian society, In The Hunger Games. she wrote. “What do they do all day these people in the Capital. besides decorating their bodies and waiting around for a new shipment of tributes to roll in and die for their entertainment” (Collins).

Katniss. the protagonist. says that after knowing that the people of the Capitol. the richest people in the nation, when they have nothing to do to get their food. when they can get their food in a press of a button. while Katniss has to go hunt for hours in the woods for sustenance. She believes that waiting for the hunger games. which is once a year. and then the tributes die for their pleasure. This message shows us how the rich people aren‘t amused without people dying, especially on reality tv. which would me, if I saw somebody die. I would be depressed and unhappy. while the rich are the opposite. delighted and elated. The fact how the rich people are happy with human deaths on reality tv means that they are so used to it and that’s the only thing exciting happens in their lives and they crave for human deaths.

Following this desensitization topic further. the professor, George Gerbner, wrote about desensitization in the same article as the propaganda article, says how we are desensitized on this current day. He says. “Another consequence of watching a lot at televisron is that one comes to believe that the violence portrayed in the television is normal – that everyone does it. and that it’s a good way of solving problems” (Gerbner). Gerbner explains how people believe that whatever happens on television is completely normal. So if someone was playing a videogame. like a much known game. Grand Theft Auto 5. they might think that killing people with lirearms and running them over is ok and that they should do it to join the crowd. This message shows me how people will get fooled into these wrong things like killing innocent people is line.

The lact how these kind ol stufl is out in the world, kids might get the wrong idea about what is ponrayed on the screen. and then they do the same thing because they think it’s fun, amazing. and that everyone is doing. and why am I not doing it too. Then, they become emotionless and don’t feel anything bad for them and becomes a habit and that’s another reason why a dystopian society is the most devastating society for an indivtdual. In linal consideration, a dystopian society is the most destructive society for an individual and therefore it can destroy the individual. It can brainwash you and be under the command at someone. and totally make you emotionless to people. But. there is always a way to change this lrom happening. If we change how the world runs today, we can prevent this from ever happening.

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