The Current Status of Discrimination in the American Society

Unfortunately, discrimination is not a new concept, and neither is human suffering. Throughout history various peoples have suffered persecution for their religion, beliefs, skin colors, heritage, or originsr It’s safe to say that the past two centuries have experienced the most progress in the area of human rights that the world has ever witnessed. This is the first time in history that Western civilization has not called slavery the norm This, however, does not mean that we don’t still suffer from the sin of pride We often believe that our way of life is superior to another, and that anyone who doesn’t conform is wrong We fail to understand that the blessings to be gained by treating everyone with love and respect will enrich our lives beyond imagination.

Yes, when people come to this blessed country they have a certain obligation to respect us as well, and that means adopting some of the cultural norms that mark us as citizens, but they should never be expected to omit their heritage to “fit in.

On the reverse side, we should never compromise our safety or freedoms by tolerating a culture or religion that does not tolerate us in return It’s impossible to allow the free practice of a religion or belief that centers on the harm of those who don’t share it. An example of this would be extremist Islamic groups. Many apologists for Islam claim that it is not a violent religionr They’re wrong. The peace Islam preaches is among its own, and the infidels of other faiths are to be wiped out.

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We can‘t say that we allow the free practice of a religion that will kill us for practicing oursi It’s unfortunate, but true.

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