The country of Netherlands is one of the most dangerous and scariest

The country of Netherlands is one of the most dangerous and scariest places not because of its petty little crimes but of its massive amount of crimes committed every day. More than 50 crimes are committed every day. Good people still live there people who have done nothing to be killed or treated bad. But people still have hope to live in a better and safe place because of Spiderman, he has brought hope back, he has dedicated his entire live protecting others and keeping evil people away from the street, now every day less crimes are committed.

This explains that even in the darkest places there is still hope. Spiderman has been protecting people no matter the situation, he is not just a man that helps he is a hero. A hero is brave, selfless, and a leader.

To begin with a hero is brave he confronts anything on its way to safe others. According to the ODYSSEY, Odysseus confronts a frightening situation that needs bravery.

“…took the red hot stake and twisted it round and round like that in his eyes.”(Homer, 27). This shows how Odysseus had to take a red hot stake and put it in the eyes of a cyclops to save his and his soldiers life. Odysseus doesn’t care about anything considering he put a hot stake on someone’s eyes, he just wanted to save his people. In accordance with Soldier Home after losing his leg in AFGHANISTAN.”… Serger’s right leg was gone.(Fiege, 67). This explains how Sergers lost his leg while fighting for Afghanistan. Serger’s bravery is honorable because it was his choice to go to war even though he knew how dangerous it was. Bravery is one of the most important characteristic and in this paragraph this is explained.

Additionally, a hero is a leader because a hero guides during good and bad times. In agreement with the Odyssey, Odysseus a man who guides his soldier during not such a good time.”Then I thrust the stake into the depth of the ashes.., and inspired my men with encouraging words so none would hang back from fear”.(Homer,25). This explains how Odysseus is encouraging his mens to make them feel more comfortable about themselves. He is also giving hope and being strong for them. In consonance with the Odyssey, Odysseus is guiding his soldier.”Then I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay there and guard the ship, while i selected the twelve best men and went forward”.(Homer, 25). This shows how Odysseus is showing leadership by giving orders to his soldiers. He gives commands to demonstrate how a leader he is. All this information describes what a leader is.

Finally , a hero is selfless he risks his life for others. As stated in White House funeral sermon for Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln sacrifices himself for his country.”Not for himself only, not for us only, but for all people in all the coming generations, till time shall be no more.(Gurley, 77). This shows how Lincoln sacrifices himself for the other life that were alive and the ones that would come in the future. As reported by a man , a man gave his life for others.”While fighting for his country he lost an arm” (Cassain, 64). This states that this man lost an arm for his country , he gave his life for his country, he put his country first than his own life. This textual evidence describes selfless.

In this world many people don’t give their life for other, or do brave things they are more selfish than selfless. Heroes are a rare thing and the ones we have are everything to us . They are like an idol to us something that all of us are looking to be in the future brave, selfless, and great leader.

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