The Corruption of the American Healthcare System

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From Michael Moore‘s perspective, the health care system in America is corrupt. He made many points that made sense that people would agree with. People try hard not to get sick because they aren’t insured. Health care companies are picky, kind of discriminative to people who need aid. They “suck, flat suck.” Even people with insurance can‘t get the right treatment. Ten percent of people who apply for health insurance are guaranteed denial. Companies make problems worst instead of making them better.

One thing they do is cause senior citizens to pay a lot for medicine. Americans go to Canada to get better health care. In Canada, the waiting time to see a doctor is shorter than how long you wait in an American doctor‘s office. In Great Britain, a hospital stay is free but medicine can cost about ten dollars. Their country has health care for all citizens while the US only hugely benefits big businesses.

Along with Canada and Great Britain, France has a longer life expectancy than the United States, An American can go to France and get better hospital treatment. Finally, Moore addresses the audience, emphasizing that people should be “taking care of each other, no matter the differences.” My Opinion My perspective of the healthcare system is the same as Michael Moore’s. It’s corrupt. Not a lot of people have health care and that’s why I think it is extremely corrupt. In my opinion, it is sort of inhumane that people can‘t be provided with medical help.

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People get sick all the time and those who get sick should be helped so the death rate won‘t increase. America is the “number one” country in the world but yet we don’t care whether people are healthy or sick I was flabbergasted that Cuba, the “worst country” in the world is doing better than us when it comes to health care The fact that Cuba, France, and Great Britain have free health care and America doesn’t is absurd. Cuba and the other countries listed previously can do a lot to improve health, US can’t.

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