The core knowledge area of ICT is mostly concerned with the use

The core knowledge area of ICT is mostly concerned with the use of demonstrating methods to represent an idea about the systems or solutions which need to be developed for a service provider. I have seen that modelling methods are widely organized throughout ICT phase of problem solving. Ideally there are various design and architectural techniques that are generally used to first draft the general idea of the system model and functional solutions of the tool one wants to develop for any project which are Network or system architecture, low level solution design, use case modelling, data flow diagram, Entity-relationship diagrams, Business case modelling, Installation and service modelling etc.

Therefore, when one considers the deployment of a new system or an upgrade of the existing one, or any incident or critical problem happened; these techniques come in practicable for providing resolution. Each modelling methods provides a different observation of the system and an overall understanding of the system cannot be achieved until and unless a number of different views are analysed.

Precisely If I mention my first workplace at Appy IT Limited worked as an ICT Solution Manager, I needed to evaluate the overall Solution scope of the project, the whole volume of it before implementing the networking and system mechanism. Therefore, I used the data flow diagram to collect the row data coming my way from various system applications, internal-external stakeholders’ communication which gave me one view of the project. Similarly, I also introduced the user test case modelling techniques to find out about the best way to deal with such a huge bulk of data giving me another view.

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Finally, I employed activity diagrams to show the activities to be performed to achieve the system so desired. I used MS Visio, MS Project, Oracle designer, Big Gantt etc. as the modelling software due to the architecture on the work field. Thus in this manner, I was able to develop a model of the system.

Similarly, I was leading program like IP Telephony services integration, ERP integration, Digital transformation, Modern ICT Networking systems implementations etc. in such a way that all the requirements of my clients have been addressed carefully and a capable system has developed. I first used an entity relationship diagram to relate the customer needs with the traffic of network and provided services i.e. the field data. Similarly, I utilized a data flow diagram to see the inflow of field data of IP telephony services and finally developed an activity diagram for the implementation of full data communication flow of the service. I programmed project implementation task input and DT engineers scripting sequencing by the Visual Basic with Linux scripting for network configuration.

Not only that, as a senior business analyst, I have developed ICT solution sales model, bid management model that prolong my dedication for my employers and build trust to my clients for better ICT Service implementation.

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