The Consequences of the Decline of Food in Schools

One would think that since students need ample amounts of energy and nutrition to be successful not only academically, but socially as well that the food they were being provided with in school would provide them with the sustenance they need. However, this is not always the case as in many schools they only provide students with the minimum quantity and quality of food that they are allowed to give often at prices surpassing reasonable limits. This decline of food is the reason for a lack of motivation and in the grades of students.

What I have noticed in my three weeks of trying to eat healthy, is that the school environment makes it more difficult for kids to choose healthier food options as schools tend not to provide them. During many visits to the school cafeteria, I have observed that the cooks have a large selection of fried foods, such as french fries and chicken nuggets. The cooks don’t even make them fresh, but order them from other food companies to save time and energy.

Although they do have a healthy selection, tucked away most of the time, the school spends more time worrying about how to sell out ofjunk food quickly causing them to rarely stock up a selection of healthy foods. The selection contains mostly small containers of non-organic produce such as Ritz crackers and fat filled cheese» the problem isn’t the lack of healthy foods, but the way they are not presented to students as much as their unhealthy counterparts.

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The lack of some of these healthy foods can cause students both physical and mental health issues that affect their performance in the classroom. For example, this can cause lack of attention span, exhaustion and fatigue and also increase the risk for illnesses that cannot be cured with prescriptions. It also can cause heart problems, nausea and headaches. If schools want students to thrive and be successful in school, they should provide a more organic healthy selection of food. In closing it is plain to see that many schools have chosen convenience over conscience Through their lack of provision of healthy foods to students, to save time and money these schools have put their student’s health in jeopardy. Which in the long run may not only affect their school work, but their lives as a whole.

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