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Twenty years after the civil war in the Balkans, the words in many ways, trying authors to take this event and its impact on the people of fictional character – “Drift” by Michel Bozikovic [review to “drift” by Michel Bozikovic “

Although many refugees live among us, even though some of the areas at the time in question now belong to the EU or will belong in the future, and despite the extensive media coverage at the time it is amazing how little know most of us concretely about the people, the events, the backgrounds, the geography – but everyone has in mind and ears, how discharged the hatred between Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Krajina Serbs, Muslims, Orthodox in fighting and atrocities as they brutally slaughtered each other and expelled from the country.

Like many families including former “multinational state” Yugoslavia was torn apart. Today’s political landscape – Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro – we can also look on the overview map that Oliver Bottini his novel has added “The Cold Dream”, followed by a multiple-name and local glossary

Bottinis concern was to create an exceptionally well-researched political thriller, a fictitious Krimiplot chasing the reader cold shiver down the spine, integrated into the historical events between 1991 and 2010.

the focus of the author focuses on the Balkans but the global current affairs he does not remove – the Allied bombing of Basra, Iraqi rockets at Israel, demonstrations against the Gulf war, the RAF murdered Detlev Karsten Rohwedder, Berlin became the capital of all Germany, the recognition of Croatia by Genscher’s foreign policy, and at the Australian Open loses against Ivan Lendl, Boris Becker …

As the Serbian army 1 991 Slovenia and Croatia coat and the civil war in Yugoslavia takes its course, as does the 20-year-old German Thomas Æavar, son of Croatian guest workers, nor a happy future with, he’s fledgling high school graduate, proud car owners, in love with the Serbian Jelena and has a job as a chauffeur for Josip Vrdoljak, the co-founder of “Croatian Democratic Union”, a right-wing party.

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But then dig him on the images of war on television, the reports that he hears on the radio, and a mass demonstration in Stuttgart, speaks at the Vrdoljak on the rostrum and listening his father in the crowd … On top of that egged on by domestic discussions, awakens in Thomas a sense of responsibility for the home of his parents. Croatia is not also his home? Does not he make a contribution, go to war? If he goes, he will lose Jelena who already has a Serb in a difficult position in the Croatian family Æavar.

Thomas becomes the “war tourists” to one who constantly is not in use. First, it attempts to smuggle weapons in a car of the Red Cross. He is immediately caught and arrested, but by a protégé, Dr. Richard Ehringer, politicians in Yugoslavia Department of the Foreign Office, free boxed again. Then follow military operations. Under General Ante Gotovina, the 2011 to 24 years in prison convicted war criminal, he participated in the operation part “Storm”, one of the four major purges of the Croatian people. In 1995, the life of Thomas Æavars lost without a trace – supposedly he is dead, buried in a mass grave

However, in 2010 interested in at once several people for Thomas.. Since two Croatian intelligence at Thomas’ best friend Marcus Bach Meier appear in his hometown Rottweil. What he may have told the two butchers? A little later, the police found Marcus dead in his barn on …

For years, the criminal police Lorenz Adamek nothing from his uncle Dr. Richard Ehringer belongs – now he gets a call from him, Lorenz let it out search databases for a Thomas Æavar. That was an old acquaintance, whom he had lost sight of …

In Zagreb is an investigative journalist, Yvonne Ahrens, looking for a man whom she has only a newspaper photo. It shows a Croatian soldier holding an aged Serb civilians a gun to the temple; Caption: “A Serbian butcher trembles before the justice by the young Kapetan”. And we guessed it: The young Kapetan Thomas Æavar

Why just now opened the witch hunt against Thomas Æavar.? How will they run? The multi-award winning German author Oliver Bottini describes in harrowing, compelling way what goes on there. At the end of impression of horror remains in an absurd war, the feeling of powerlessness against dishonest politicians – and the horror of being human, which will stop at nothing. Small and big criminals have since run their dirty crafts, continue to be linked before in networks, protect each other, evacuate witnesses out of the way. For a long time, Croatia has refused to extradite its war criminals to the International Court in The Hague; only under pressure from the EU accession negotiations, something has moved. Many torturers still roam freely and occupy high, influential posts.

Bottinis political thriller could almost be a historical lesson. A little heat gets “The Cold Dream”, which unfortunately not a dream remained, two by the kitsch freely told intense relationship people who can live only in secret their love.

Everything has its price, even reading this great book: the reader is strongly demanded by many of our language area difficult to remember name, and since the glossary helps little further. But most are anyway just smoke and mirrors. The core activity will remain very long in the memory

This book I have

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