The Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Film

When you watch a movie what do you expect? Do you expect to feel like your in the movie yourself? Do you expect to hooked on to the movie? Well Tim Burton’s movies meet all of those expectations and more. A good movie should makes you feel a little something, or allow us to understand the feelings and emotions of the characters. If you watched one of the famous director, Tim Burton’s movies, you could see that he catches your interest and makes you want to learn more about the characters even after the movies finished.

He also makes his characters seem real by showing us their feelings and emotions using many different cinematic elements and techniques. Tim Burton uses cinematic elements such as mood and tone to make his movies the best they can be. Tim Burton uses the cinematic techniques such lighting, camera movement, and sound to capture the attention of his audience and to create the mood of the movie.

He’s so good at what he does, that his net worth is one hundred and forty million dollars.

To start things off, good directors use lighting in different ways to create mood and tone. For example, in Edward Scissorhands, there is dark lighting in the castle when Peg goes inside. This technique creates a creepy tone. Burton makes me feel scared when we see Edward Scissorhands for the first time by putting him in the shadows of the corner. When we see him, the darkness makes his hands look like weapons, and we immediately get freaked out.

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Similarly, Burton uses color in the movie Corpse Bride to create mood. At the beginning of the movie, when we see the land of the living, everything is gray and colorless. This cinematic technique made the characters seem bored and depressed. The director does this to create an unhappy and depressing mood because he wants to compare it to the colorful land of the dead, where the mood is happy and exciting.

Secondly, while lighting creates mood and tone, the camera angles show the characters feelings and emotion. For example, in Burton’s movie, Edward Scissorhands, when Edward is getting arrested for breaking into Jim’s house, Burton uses the camera to show a frightened mood. As Edward is exiting the house, the camera zooms in on Edward’s face, then goes behind Edward, showing what he sees. By showing us his scared face, then showing us what he sees that is making him scared, we know that Edward was frightened of the cops. Also, in the Corpse Bride, Burton uses camera angles to create a romantic mood. For example, when Victoria and Victor first saw each other, they made a connection. Burton shows us this connection by zooming the camera in to their faces. The close up shot shows us that they are happy with each other, and shows us a romantic mood.

Finally, while camera angles create mood, sound and music creates tone. For example, In Edward Scissorhands, when Edward’s dad died, Burton creates a sad tone by changing the music from mystical to sad. As the father has a heart attack and begins falling to the floor, we start to get choked up. When the music changed, I felt sad inside even though I knew it was just a movie and not real. An example for Corpse Bride is when we see Emily sitting and crying after Victor tells her he would never marry her. As she cries, sad music starts playing. The sad music makes me feel sorry for her. It made me super sad that she was not going to get married with Victor, even though it’s just a movie and not real.

As you can see, the director, Tim Burton, effectively uses lighting/color, camera/movement, and sound/music to create mood and tone in his music. Tim Burton uses lighting in his movie to create a scary tone when we meet Edward, and a depressing mood in the land of the living. Tim Burton also uses camera/movement to show a frightened mood when Edward gets arrested, and a romantic mood when Victor and Victoria fall in love. Finally, he uses sound/music to make me sad when Edward’s dad died, and Emily got rejected by Victor. If you have not seen these movies, go and rent them today.It is generally accepted that nowadays our whole day to day life involves electronic. From controlling the heating and air conditioning with the phones to cooking with robots and making purchases online. In the last years the online shopping has been increasing. In 2016 there was an increase of a 19,2% in online purchase regarding the year before and 150% more compared with 2012. (Catalogues4business, 2016). However, even though at first it may seems like something positive, online purchases have a negative side too: UK suffered 5,855 store closures in 2017, more than in any year since […] they have been driven out by the rise of internet shopping.(The Guardian, 2018) In this essay, I will intent to argue that the online shopping has brought us way more positive aspects than negatives.

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