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The Christmas market miracle by Ralf Günther Review Paper

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Family Moscherosch celebrating Christmas all year, you might feel when she visited in her village small Hainichen in the deepest Ore. Almost always, every corner is her little house filled with cute animal figures made of wood, with which one now, at the beginning of the 19th century, everywhere like decorating the Christmas tree, the crib or the parlor for Christmas.

But far , The small works of art are in the house Moscherosch no decoration, but the barren daily bread, for the whole family works year after year together to make them. Straight to Christfest all figurines from the house, the entire production should be well sold. If they can hope for in this way blessed Holidays, decides when arrives the trade agent in December. He wants to remove all boxes of the carefully wrapped fragile contents to resell on the Striezelmarkt in Dresden to a toy merchant. Unfortunately, the man is greedy and a cutthroat. He knows how to push the price, and there is in the remote area no other potential buyers outside of him, he has an easy time. So the little money redeem Moscherosch for the work of a whole year, barely enough to keep them afloat. The poverty they consumed almost.

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More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas Bücher and music for the Advent and Christmas on books reviews “/ a>.

The year in which Martin, the eldest, was fifteen years old, was busy one like any other. Spruce logs stored for several months in the mill pond, so that the wood is soft and elastic. Then Father sawing a thick cylindrical disk of the tribe from, debarked them and stretched them upright in his lathe one. Now its amazing ancient art, the “tire rotation” begins. While the disk rotates rapidly, he expresses his sharp blades – by a wide, sometimes a half-round, sometimes a very fine – parallel with the highest concentration and dexterity in the timber, whereby both in the peripheral region of the disk as well as on the outer surface or concentric grooves, notches, steps, recesses are formed. Finally, it mills the innermost center about the axis of the lathe around almost completely gone and triggers the profiled ring from the remaining rest of the disc. Only when he separates this ring that resembles a modern car steel wheels with tires in one place and then slice by slice cut like cake pieces of a Bundt cake, is discernible where this ingenious method aims: As if by magic, dozens of identical figures emerged – oxen, donkeys, horses, geese … yet each only one angular profile, but soon the skilled hands of the whole family will process each blank individually, the rounded corners, carving legs, hooves, ears, mane, faces and paint until finished a beautiful life-like piece of jewelry.

a very special year this is anyway. The Moscherosch have produced a new, unusual model that will invite many people hope for decorating, games, Liebhaben and especially buy: a little elephant. The imposing model have the most – Martin included – never seen alive. What’s the boy but more importantly father has promised him that he must accompany the agent for the first time to Dresden to their products deliver there

Now everything is completed on time, but the good fortune to do so. modest it was, the family now seems to leave entirely. Small Hainichen buried in snow, the trade agent can be a long time coming, finally comes not. Martin urges the father that he should go with him to Dresden to sell the goods themselves. But the waves a hand, is uncertain and anxious. But as the desperation grows, it can be applied to the proposed one, because “everything is better than here to wait for the starving”.

Unfortunately, “no blessing is on your plan.” What strikes holds the fate or for the poor family and what the friendly but inexperienced boy finally experienced in the big city, which tells Ralf Günther in this charming little book. Like the other titles of the series from the Kindler publishing house (eg “How did the Christmas tree in the world” [Read my review of Astrid Fritz:” As the Christmas tree in the world was “on books reviews”

as it should be for a Christian festival, most recently that good will prevail – but of course I will not spoil the reader pleasure to experience for yourself how the “Christmas market miracle” is taking place


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