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The characters did a good job playing their parts in the movie Essay

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The characters did a good job playing their parts in the movie. Such as the prisoners was really terrible as it seemed in the film. The setup towns and the clothing of the time were fascinating depicted through realistic props. The movie is filled with tragic and surprising action, some scenes are suspenseful part. Despite its digressions the movie moves quickly with excitement, as the scene is a musical film theater that makes the viewer to sing along and enjoy the movie. Many of the characters seem possessed by strange obsessions or hatreds, but Hugo makes it clear that they have been warped by the society. Conflicts in Les Miserables depict the five types: Person vs. Person that I see on Javert and Jean Valjean, who clash due to their conflicting opinions on justice and mercy. We do have this conflict which we reflect to the society; there are people who are like Jean who fought for the justice of each individual. The movie also depict Person vs. Self, when Valjean struggles to transform himself from a thief into an honest man and also where in the scene that Valjean learns that another person will be sent to prison in his place, he has to decide whether to keep his alias, thereby helping hundreds of workers, or, to reveal himself as Jean Valjean and help one innocent man. Fantine also has internal conflict over selling her hair, teeth and body which leads her to be a prostitute. Nowadays, prostitution is a grievous plague of any society. Moreover, Person vs. Society is illustrated with the revolutionaries. Fighting against their society for freedom and equality, this conflict is also evident with Valjean’s experience when he leaves prison, and with Fantine’s fall. Person vs. Nature comes in when Fantine tries to survive to death for her daughter. It touched on as Fantine tries to survive the winter. Lastly, the movie depict Man vs. God wherein all the characters in the movie try to test on their faith in God such as when Jean Valjean is angry with God while on parole, and then, after the Bishop educate by gaining forgiveness. Similarly, Fantine goes from loving God, to not believing in God when he got fired out and in to prostitution, and finding God again through Jean Valjean. Perhaps the characters that manipulate the movie is inspector Javert, he is clever but not intelligent. He was being called as the ignorant person in the film. He conceives of no point of view of other than his own. He doesn’t possess an insight of sympathy and mercy. He clings with mindless, insane tenacity to his belief in duty. At his hands, justice is warped beyond recognition by that Hugo shows the dark side of virtue. The movie’s complex structure admires me the most it is an outstanding performance they’ve done. The throughout passage of the film was brilliant. Les Miserables can be enjoyed many times by different kinds of viewers and on different levels.

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