The Changes That Happen In Our Lives

International best-selling author Yann Martel, wrote in Life ofPi, that, “It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names.” Although the statement is conceptually simple, its meaning is compelling. Strong examples can be seen in my own life, and also in others, making the quote relatable to many, In my own life, I can say with certainty that I have changed my self because of the people I have met, became friends with, or simply talk to every now and then For example, one of my best friends likes to do certain activities often, like hiking, going to new places to eat, or go to coffee shops.

In the past, I never did anything like that I mostly sat at home, and hung out with friends sometimes. In a sense, I was sheltered. The change came afterl started going to these activities with her, and experienced all these experiences I have never had before.

Starting to see the world in a different View, a View full of opportunities to seize, all I wanted to do was to do something. Every second, I wanted to be outside hiking, going out with friends, or anything except stay in my house, I have changed so much that instead of my parents telling me to go do something, they now tell me to stop because I am not home often. Of course, the people you meet may not always have a positive impact.

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A person who I once knew started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I saw over time that they have changed for the worse. Drugs and prescription pills were starting to become common for them, Before that, she was an innocent person. Change, for better or for worse, happens to everyone because of the people around them.

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