The Causes of Walters Excessive Daydreaming in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a Short Story by James Thurber

You have all daydreamed from time to time but Walter Mitty is an excessive daydreamer. He daydreams because he is stressed out by his controlling wife. He also dozes off to dream about masculine adventures. Also the reason is he feels society does not get him and what kind of man he is. The last reason he daydreams is because he wants to get away from his boring life. How I would describe to you about the differences of Walter Mitty and his mysterious other self is that they are totally different people.

How I would explain this is when Walter Mitty is having his daydreams he wants to be someone else then his regular self. He wants to be a totally different person then his regular self. He doesn’t want to be weak. Then in one of his day dreams he is a commander readying the lieutenant to take off in a “hurtling eight-engined Navy hydroplane” (188). However in reality, Walter Mitty is just a man who listens to his wife and doesn’t bother arguing with anyone, he just goes with it.

After his day dream he is speeding down the road towards town with his wife, she wants to get her hair done. His wife told him to get his “overshoes while I’m having my hair done” (189). He does as he is told of course because he doesn’t want to argue.

He ends up going daydreaming about him doing a surgery and he gets yelled at by the parking attendant.

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In real life, Walter Mitty is anything but special. He gets bossed around by his wife a lot and he can’t argue with her. Also he can’t do simple things. He’s forgetful and really absentminded. He’s not a great driver, and people always seem to be either yelling or laughing at him for one thing or another. To compensate for his failings in the real world, he creates an entire “secret world” for himself: a series of fantasies in which he is a powerful, adventurous man admired by those around him, everything he is not in reality. How I would describe Walter is he is a loveable guy, who harmlessly uses fantasies to get through a pretty boring day of errands with his wife. He daydreams to distance himself from his problems in the real world. Each of his day dreams is connected in reality but gives him qualities which he does not contain in real life. He is always using his daydreams to escape from the reality he doesn’t like.

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