The Causes of the Progression of the Authors Depression to Madness in The Yellow Wallpaper

There are many reasons for the progression of the author from depression to madness. Here are some of the causes. A misunderstanding husband – Gilman had a misunderstanding husband who saw things in a different way. For example, he told Gilman, that she should not touch anything or perform any house chores after she delivered.

This according to Gilman was not only depressing but also drove her into madness.

The rest cure – The other thing that made the author mad is the bed rest that she was prescribed for after she delivered. They spent their summer at a big mansion which the author felt something queer about it. The rest cure made her more depressed and madness started to build inside her.

The damaged bedroom – The room in which they occupied as their bedroom also contributed to a larger extent the madness of the author. According to the author’s description, the room was damaged and had yellow wallpaper which was partly tone.

She continues by adding that the wallpaper had a yellow smell and that it was able to mutate. The wallpaper smeared the yellow color to anyone who would come across it. This stranger wallpaper made the author go mad due to its abnormal characteristics.

The woman in the wallpaper – inside the yellow wallpaper in the bedroom there was a figure of a woman who was creeping inside the wallpaper. The woman inside the wallpaper seemed stranded and trapped. The author tried to help the woman in the wallpaper escape by tearing down the wallpaper.

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She tears the wallpaper circling around the room shouting that she was free at last. The vision of the woman in the wallpaper drives the author crazy to an extent where she stepped on her fainted husband while creeping around the house as a free woman.

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