The Cat and the Goldfinch by Andrea Camilleri

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Very strange raids worry especially the elderly and pious inhabitants Vigàtas that early in the morning to go to Mass: A motorcyclist with a dark helmet prescht approach, calls for the handbag signora , firing on them and disappears with his ridiculous prey. Although the ladies fall, but only fainted from fright or because the robber used blanks.

However, only at Erminia Todaro and Esterina Mandracchia; Gesualda Bommarito against it meets a real glancing blow from an ancient pistol. Montalbano’s supervisors are angry that he is able to give the bustle not stop, and put pressure

Then the series reaches its climax.

In addition to the pressure from above gets Salvo Montalbano still private supplementary tasks. colleague Mimi Augello married on Sunday his Beatrice (” Beba “). Salvo is provided as a witness and has the rings obtain.

that he screwed up Clear the paper on which he wrote down the ring sizes. (does the take a whole month off)

As the representative for Mimì, the Salvo presents Barbara Bellini, already from before -Livia times perfectly knows and not only him but Mimì also takes your breath away …

Another case concerned the Commissariat. the gynecologist Saverio Landolina, 50, disappears without a trace from his fishing spot on the pier Angela Lo Porto, unmarried and for twenty years, his receptionist and secret worshiper knows what has happened, it does have painful weeks suffered where the drama came to a head: the dottore was a violent affair with Mariuccia Coglitore, 20 Who lost her innocence at her first gynecologist appointment and regularly appeared at follow-up examinations.

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Despite certainly competent specialist medical care occurs, which should not happen and what Father Ignazio the rioters will be. Did he therefore eliminates the abuser of his daughter, Angela Lo Porto claimed? Or signora Landolina her husband came on the ropes remarkable :

• A pretty leitmotif in this film is the wordless wonder. The camera remains, and we can smile when Salvo Barbarella staring until he recognizes, remembers; as Fazio freezes at the sight of her (his first love?); Mimi then melts, emits flashes (Beba and Password); as Mariuccia and the dottore expire glances each other …

• Barbara, basically a minor character (to my knowledge created just for this film), yet has a central and ultimately ordering function in set of relationships. It recognizes that the three policemen have caught fire, and must decide to whom they assign the role. Salvo is “only” colleague, but proves size and understanding in the “defeat” by seconding Fazio with Barbara on a joint mission (which then also zeitigt the desired result).

• How often also short scenes – a few seconds – lovingly decorated with details: the team of horses, the rattling in the background on the pavement of the cortile to a manor; the exciting escape from the home for “fallen women”, which leads through dark cellars and warehouses expenses .

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