The Case of Ableism I Have Faced Essay

Each day for approximately six years was a hardship because I was so uncomfortable with myself and what kind of person I displayed myself to be. Living life under such a pressure and fear, I truly did feel disabled, as if I was missing some piece of normality which most people were born with and took advantage of. After several failed counseling sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists, I decided to take control of my own future and force the change that needed to take place In my life.

With the Incredible faith of my family and friends, I overcame that feat which caused me to feel a much stronger sense of self and will.

How My Decision Influenced My life

Looking back I feel gratified to have gone through such a life-changing ordeal. Although I did feel disabled and weak while in the long process toward recovery, now that I’m recovered I feel even stronger than the average person who hasn’t gone through a similar experience.

A lesson to acknowledge from my experience is that as disabled people may look or feel significantly weak or unable to support a “normal” lifestyle, they often prove to be stronger mentally and emotionally if they manage to obtain some sort of victory through their plight.

Besides the various forms of obsessive-compulsive disorders and varying learning disabilities, my consciousness of babbles Is not terribly significant. I have never had anyone close to me suffer from serious, debilitating physical traumas besides your run-of-the-mill broken bone.

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At first glance this fact may be thought of as fortunate, however, there is no doubt that if I’d ever had a significant other with visible, developmental disabilities my perspective of babbles would be dramatically altered. My housemate Theresa grew up in a home with mentally disabled adults. Theresa is not mentally disabled.

Thresher’s mother devotes her career and home fostering people of lower to higher functioning levels below the average range. Theresa confided in me observations concerning babbles. Her friends and schoolmates would tell Theresa they felt uncomfortable and awkward going to her house because of the mentally disabled adults living in her home. She didn’t understand why people had such Issues communicating with the disabled and says, “They should Just get over It! ” Theresa mentioned the mother of one disabled member living In her home ho Is fully dependent on Thresher’s mom for the full time care of her offspring, excluding finances.

I agree with Theresa in that I don’t understand why people could feel so estranged Trot ten realties AT dawdles. I nose are real people Adorn walkout ODL t II less most TA for granted. I suppose if one is not open to what life could be like living with physical or mental incapacity then they remain closed and estranged to ever communicating the truth about what babbles means or stands for. Babbles simply focuses on what able people miss and generally don’t acknowledge about those with blatant disabilities.

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The Case of Ableism I Have Faced Essay
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