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The butcher goes to Paradise by Thomas Raab Review Paper

Words: 945, Paragraphs: 13, Pages: 4

Paper type: Review , Subject: Organized Crime

A great birthday gift! Because the tens of his age has jumped in January to the number “5”, sits Willibald Adrian Metzger, restorer and Hobbykriminologe with literary cult status, now the night train Vienna Jesolo. Voluntarily he would probably never put up in that house beach of Venice across the lagoon city. But this is a collective gift from relatives and friends, which you must fit. Behind it, puts sitting next to him, traveled with him and benefited from it, as Metzger is well aware, primarily his life companion Danjela “of the tribe Djurkovic.” He, however, feels “shameful betrayal”. In such an action, whose purpose is to please the individual, is that individuals “not necessarily the recipient itself, but perhaps the idea donor”.

Soon he sprawled on his assigned area in the 47th row from where does not see the beach from sheer umbrellas from you. All around “fully occupied legions of sun loungers. As a commanded in battle Roman army, ready to stop a detected approaching sea power”. Sunbathers snooze, romping children and yell. , As to overthrow Danjelas lure them or even with her into the cool water, he opposes steadfast “. Him bring wild horses into this overpopulated Community urinal”

While Metzger moodily hingrummelt front of him, he takes also the outpatient commercialism true. Even from a distance he hears the melodious Canto “Coco bello! Bello coco!” Then again, he looks over the edge of sunglasses brought waver a jam packed draped clothes rack. Including hides one of the many black beach sellers, by the Italians like “”You want to buy?” – “comprare Vuoi?” Actually “Do you want to buy?” “

As also come with us readers memories, perhaps on its own beach experience, perhaps Gerhard Polt film” One speaks deutsh “from 1988, and we adapt ourselves to humorous fare, flavored with traditional types, as macabre side dish a few nice dished corpses, breaded extra virgin and with sand crumbs.

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But beware! Soon creeps us feel that it does not go on like harmless. While still a dead lapdogs surfaced brand Pekinese on which was eingebuddelt in the sand after a man great tourist to not currently available Latin lover had to represent. this is followed by a dead Senegalese, the supposedly safe in a was kept plastic locker, after unexpected opening but the same unfortunately forward tipped on the hot sand.

tilts So the mood. the laughter gets stuck us in the throat when we read the story of the young Noah. at fourteen power e he escape with his siblings on the way to the poverty in his native Senegal. All their possessions have tractors taken from them. Terrible images flicker of rusty coffin ships, their decks overflowing with black Africans. When the deep floating in the water half wrecks are not perished before, they land on the coast of Lampedusa. In the hoped-for economic wonderland Europe, the long-suffering refugees expected anything but a safe future. Like thousands of other lives Noah under inhumane conditions while being sucked as illegal cheap labor. (By the way: A good book on this subject is “The sea in the morning” by Margaret Mazzantini – read Lesen you

my review of Margaret Mazzantini: “Das sea at Morgen” on books Rezensionen” here < p> Finally, Noah reached the Adriatic coast. day after day he draws the beach up and down to vertickern cheap junk in tough competition. he also falls the portly and sedentary Vienna Grantler on. Metzger has plenty of time to observe and eavesdrop while his Holden takes a day trip gen Venice. So develop several storylines in the thicket we tangled, to detect without right where we want to lead the Author

There are always the same men as constantly connected. . the fragments of words, snaps the butchers – a painting with horse, two sculptures – suggest a suspicion: here are counterfeiters gangs at work, mixing the art trade au f? Organized crime? Money laundering? However, as the dead man hanging on the beach (a compatriot Noah) so that together

With these impressions and questions Metzger returns after a week together Danjela to Vienna – and finds his workshop completely ravaged. The crime seems to be mitgereist. The men had felt observed and sent him a clear message to stay out kindly

Now the author really gets going. all the laid plot threads combine to create a criminal until the end hard to unsuspecting network that operates globally, well structured and is hardly transparent. The richest can buy here what others may have to wait a lifetime. Where the goods come and what occur for human collateral damage in the procurement, the wealthy do not want to know better.

Thomas Raab’s writing style makes for surprises. After we rested at pages and pages of amusing and catchy passages, we suddenly caught in a speech whirlpool that will slow us intellectually and syntactically. If we do not slip off the surface on the mile-long sentences full Reihungen and nesting, but really want to understand them, we have to start over many a set construct again. Have we reached the snake’s tail and the eye-opening experience has set itself, we would like to call: “Man Raab, the hättste can also have easier!” But eventually we find pleasure in this easy-mannered language arts, go on set treasure hunt and want to solve the “riddle of the Sphinx” at the first start-up.

Thomas Raab’s latest novel “The butcher goes to Paradise” has a double Ground. Title and cover entice our expectations on the wrong track; the text is initially as a cheerful summer thriller, but then leads to a nightmarish end. An uncanny reading experience!

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