The Blue Book of A.L. Kennedy Review

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Elizabeth Caroline Barber and Derek have a sea crossing from Southampton to New York booked – a perfect setting for a wedding promise. But the swell at sea takes its toll on Derek as well as by the majority of fellow travelers. More or less responsive it is most of the time in his room. Elizabeth is the handy. For randomly they have noticed that there is another good friend on board. Arthur Lockwood has booked a suite on deck and threaded a cleverly planned Arrangement.

The two are very familiar with each other, they are years getingelt together through the world to the wishes to fulfill a desperate audience: In seances she pretended survivors to contact their deceased. developed for this purpose and perfected her skillful techniques of communication, especially a secret code of numbers, which corresponded to short messages and by means of which they were able to communicate with each other inconspicuous. This went well for a while until Elizabeth more and more moral concerns came to enrich themselves at others sad fate, at that conjurer of cheap tricks.

The two artists parted abruptly.

But were not just been business partners Elizabeth and Arthur, but love and sexual fulfillment they did not connect less. While Derek So for days guards the bed, the two meet secretly and quickly find their bodies back together.

This is already roughly outlined the pure plot of this novel. The story is told in flashback from Elizabeth and Arthur’s perspectives and enriched by all sorts of sideshows.

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The two talk about their childhood, their parents how they met and why Elizabeth Arthur gives the blue book that we are holding in your hands and be read in conjunction with Arthur: “… here it is, the book that you read … your book – now it begins, it is touched and pitched “.

” The Blue book “(with a purchase through this link to support my offer -. thank you “! The Scottish storyteller Alison Louise Kennedy is an award-winning, extraordinary literary figure. She is not content to simply play a plot and dialogue, but interrupts them with circumferential reflecting deepening, rambling passages that have it in them . as it unfolds a complex, unconventional style – often arabesk, syntactically spreading, contradictory, and sometimes as spoken, such as when the narrator corrected again, nachbessert the previous statement, additional parentheses fits.

Kennedy’s speech prompts the reader out hard at. Elle long sentences, content sometimes enigmatic, full of breaks, full of contradictions. Page long soul needs, fears, dreams, passion, longing, guilt, emotional injury and other emotions are discussed.

The undeniable poetic virtuosity goes, if you will, “at the expense” of clarity and reading flow. many of the 368 pages I have can not really grab; I had to force myself getting stronger, (sold in italics) to follow the spiritual excursions and Elizabeth’s inner monologues. Reading proved at times like crossing a stream by overcoming one of boulder to boulder hopping cloudy dahinwirbelnde water masses must.

Basically, even Kennedy’s figure drawing is quite artificial, to head controlled. Protagonist Arthur is characteristically an anemic, pale, translucent man with blond hair. Most touching Lockwood are customers who traumatized and almost like addicts hang on the Master’s lips when they are going through the most terrible hours of her life with him again and find spiritual solace in his only them alone devoted precious three-day seances.

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The Blue Book of A.L. Kennedy Review
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