The Best Nutrition for a Child According to Gregory & Clarke

In the recent past, cases of malnutrition have been witnessed in young children either as a result of inheritance from one generation to the other or from poor nutrition. Providing children with solid nutrition have a great impact in the child’s mental, social and physical development. To emphasize, malnutrition have wide side effects to children in that it leads to weakening of the child’s immune system, increases the child’s chances of contracting diseases and stagnating recovery. Consequently, if a sick child is not given adequate attention and treatment, chances of being malnourished is very high.

This article therefore is focused on the best nutrition for a child. Gregory, J. R., Collins, D. L., Davies, P. S. W., Hughes, J. M., & Clarke, P. C. (1995);

In their interaction with children suffering from malnourishment. National Diet and Nutrition Survey: children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years. Used data obtained from the survey conducted to show that malnutrition is as a result of poor diet to the child.

He advocates that the type of meal given to a child to avoid the cases of malnourishment should put into check right from conception to years after birth. Gregory & Clarke reacted by putting emphasis on the fact that good nutrition does not just dwell on malnutrition alone, but helps in the development of children as well as boosting the immune system. Gregory & Clarke research seems to emphasize on the best way to give initial protection to the child at early stages of development. In addition, they recommend the best meals that should be availed to the child from infantry stage to after delivery.

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It is in the above facts that this article should be highly recommended for reference incase of taking care of children.

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