The Best Course of Action to Achieve My Goals

To better accomplish my career goal in the field of IC, I would select the Circuits and Systems concentration and courses like Integrated Circuit Design and Analysis, Radio Frequency VLSI Circuit Design , and Digital CMOS VLSI Design. Meanwhile, this program attracts me with its co-op brought by its alumni engagement and full time employment opportunities, which not only provides me with great employment opportunities, but will help me in my academics. I wish to do research about Integrated Circuits with Prof.

Peckerar Martin about the “super-capacitor” power source for distributed ad hoc sensor arrays. Meanwhile, UMD is just minutes away from Washington D. C., which brings about unique proximity to business and technology leaders, federal departments and agencies and a myriad of research. I believe with the advantages of curriculum, research opportunities, location and employment, the ECE program at UMD will definitely help me become an excellent engineer in electrical engineering. Since the ECE program at UMD emphasizes interdisciplinary research, I believe my undergraduate study of general EE will help me better adapt myself into this program.

Columbia University is literally the most famous one in China and consequently becomes my first target. I wish to select the Concentration in Integrated Circuits and Systems, planning to further my knowledge in the field of VLSI/IC to become an excellent IC engineering. As to courses, I plan to select Microwave Circuits Des., Analog Sys. In VLSI, Digital VLSI to establish my foundation in this field. Furthermore, I will try to join Prof.

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Mongoo Seok in his VLSI Lab at Columbia University to study research about Phoenix Processor, Ultra-Low-Power System for Sensor Applications, which are well related to my interest in VLSI. Another reason accounting for my decision to apply for this program is that the EE Department has very rich career resources and career events like IBM to provide job and internship opportunities to the graduate students. Many of the graduates from the EE program went to companies like Qualcomm and Sony.I believe by learning through this program, I will definitely progress a lot in EE and will start my career more smoothly.

This program strives to give students the theoretical foundation and the interdisciplinary skills and tailor their education to their own interests and goals. I think it fits perfectly well with me wide range background of my undergraduate study and my future goal of specializing in the field of VLSI/IC I am most attracted by the curriculum, such as Digital Integrated Circuits & VLSI Fundamentals, Analog Integrated Circuits and etc. Meanwhile, as to research opportunities, I wish to further my research experience with Prof. Kenneth R. Laker in his research interest about High Performace, Low-power Data Acquisition and RF Systems. Upenn is also famous for its employment resources which help its graduates a lot in finding jobs and internships after graduation. Plus, Upenn’s location in Pennsylvania State is also another attractiveness. Philadelphia is rather strong in electronics and high-tech industry. Companies like Comcast, the Helicopter Department of Boeing Enterprise are headquartered here. Pittsburgh is also a rising high-tech city as well. I believe with the advantages of curriculum, locations and employment, this program will certainly forge me into an eligible IC engineering.

There are a few reasons accounting for my decision, among which the curriculum of the program weighs most. I would like to focus on the VLSI and Circuit Design concentration and to select courses including Digital VLSI Desing Automation, RF Integrated Circuits and etc. I also hope to join Prof. Byunghoo Jung in the VLSI Design and Test Laboratory to do researcha bout Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design. Otherwise, Purude has great Co-Ops and Internships resources which help me through my summer vacation. The unique Purdue’s nationally recognized Career Opportunities is also providing great employment opportunities. The grand alumni network of Purdue in enterprises like Broadcom, Intel and AMD will be of great help in the long run. I believe with the advantages of curriculum and a good relationship with enterprises of the industry, the MSEE program at Purdue University will definitely help me to become an excellent IC engineer in the future.

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