The Benefits of Team Sports

Sports are not just fun and healthy for you, but they also provide benefits. As a fellow athlete myself, doing a sport has shaped the way I think and act everyday. Doing sports contributes to the attainment of personal goals and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle Sports include team participation (which has its benefits), and allow you to carry the benefits of doing a sport over into the classroom as well as the workplace Most sports, if not all, will involve some sort of required team participation.

Team participation is important as it enhances responsibility, builds commitment to practice, affects enjoyment of the activity, and much more. When you are on a sport, there are other athletes on the team as well. Social interaction is inevitable so you will become good at it, or at least decent Surrounding yourself with people who you respect as well as who respect you back will build your self»esteemr In addition, doing a sport is time consuming, so students usually will have the trouble of balancing school and athletics, and maybe even work.

Sports force you to be in shape so that you can compete at the highest level, or at least try to make your The physical activity you get from doing the sport will not only help you attain your personal fitness goals, but also help maintain your wellness in general. Furthermore, team participation improves your skill level and helps build commitment to practice, By participating, you are always getting involved, and if you give it your all, you will always improve your current skill level.

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Team participation help build commitment as the stronger your social bonds are with your fellow athletes and coaches, the stronger your desire to see them everyday at practice. Finally, team participation affects your level of enjoyment in a positive way. It is always fun for the most part to do an activity together than it is alone. With participation, you can share the enjoyment you experience with others, and others will share that enjoyment with you back. Participation with your sports teams provide wonderful benefits that help positively shape who you are.

The benefits of a team carries over into the classroom setting The results of endless social interactions from being on a team will prepare you for what is to come into the classroom. It well help you become more socially active with your classroom peers as a result of self-esteem and confidence built from being on a team. The responsibility of balancing school and sports are shown in your organization abilities for school, You become more responsible and organized with all the work you are assigned from school as you are able to manage time more efficiently in a way where everything is easier for yourself You become more responsible for your actions as you know the coach has a zero tolerance policy for foolish behavior and that punishment is subjective to those who deserve it Also some schools require you to do good in your academics in order for you to do the sport in the first place. This provides motivation for students to pass their classes so that they can participate in the sport they love so much.

The benefits of being on a team carries into the classroom as it makes you better as a student and future adults The benefits of being on a team carries over into the work setting as well. The social interactions made on your sports team will give you confidence to start social interactions with your coworkers. Having self-esteem and confidence built from being on a team will give you the boost to pass the job interview and have faith in the work that you do do Your commitment to practice will provide you with the commitment to work. You know that you have to give everything 110% in the sport that you do and that translates over into the workplace In addition, team participation makes you learn how to perform under high pressure situations such as when you are in a sports meet and you are nervous as can be, As a result, you are able to under high pressure situations at work such as when the boss expects you to pass in a quality report that affects when you are fired or not Sports are a wonderful thing as they provide the many benefits students need in their lives, whether it be responsibility, improvement in social interactions, or even time management. The benefits that come from sports are important learning aspects as they translate not only to the school setLing but the work setting as well. It is no surprise that most athletes are more involved and do better in school than non-athletes,

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