The Benefits of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Benefits All Medical tourism can be defined as traveling outside of where you reside for the sole purpose to obtain medical treatment from that country. Typically, medical tourism is used in countries that allow an individual to pay for someone’s organ, rather than waiting on a list. People argue that money is not a justifiable option for the wealthy class to use as a bribing tool. However, medical tourism allows both sides to benefit by providing the donor money to supply to his family and the recipient to live longer.

To begin with, donors are able to make a large profit from this exchange. Organs are very costly and people tend to pay extra when their loved ones or themselves have a time limit on their lives. Donors are able to use the money they receive to provide for their family for months at a time. Frankly, as long as the donor consents to the exchange, as a society, we should have no say in whether it is justifiable.

On the other hand, recipients would also benefit from this exchange. They are either in desperate need of an organ, or it is for a loved one. By giving money to a donor to receive an organ, it will potentially save a life. The alternate is being placed on a list that revolves around the need of patients. When recipients get placed on the donor list, they could be waiting for days, months, or even years before getting close to acquiring an organ.

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Even after that wait, there is still a possibility that something could go wrong and they could be placed back on the list for an extended amount of time. In all honesty, if the recipient is financially stable enough to make that choice and finds a willing donor, society shouldn’t have any opinion on their exchange.

In summary, there are advantages for both the donor and the recipient. A life is able to be extended for another day, and one family will escape poverty temporarily. Medical tourism is a huge advance in technology that was not a choice previously and the aspects that come from it can immensely benefit both sides.

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