The Benefits Of Going To University All 4 Years

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A benefit can be when a student has connections. A student can talk and interact with other adolescents and find their own way into the workforce for their own benefit. Basically all the positions I have held have involved networking in some way, even if the common connection simply acted as a talking point. I have also played on different teams and have held some awesome experiences outside of work because of networking. When you take time to develop a solid network, it can help a lot in pretty much all of the aspects of your life.

(Heather Fyfe ’16)(CLAS). Connections can benefit an individual who is out in search of a job. According to the NPR report, A Successful Job Search: “It’s All About Networking, the president of Career Horizons, Matt Youngquist, said that 70 to 80 percent of jobs are not advertised publicly. Students will have to begin conversations with employers and uncover job opportunities. If more individuals in your industry know of your name it will give you an edge over other applicants, which is especially useful after graduation when there is an influx of new applicants entering the workforce, “said Fyfe.

An advantage of a four year university is the independence that a student will gain for themselves. When an individual is independent that allows them to boost their confidence and their self-esteem. A four year institution allows a student to be a hundred percent in control of themselves when it comes to financial cost, their timing and more.

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This allows students to trust themselves to be competent. Being independent can help make a positive look on a student. When in a college many students face difficult challenges but then as being an independent individual they tend to overcome these challenges without the help of others. When other students notice that their peer in independent they will seek help or accessibility that they need. Being independent can not only benefit a student during their time at school but it can also help them with their future after they get their college degree. Independence ean enhance the reputation of a student among friends and colleagues.

Finally, another advantage of a four year college is the fact f having more options for a major. A student may attend a college without having a major picked out yet. When attending a four year institution, the options of a student are numerous options. A student may be interested in a major that they did not have in mind until attending a traditional four year college. A traditional four year college can open up more opportunities for a student attending a four year institution than a student attending a post secondary college. A university is much larger than a community college so therefore, a university will have more options that these individuals can choose from.

There are many disadvantage and advantages between a Community College and a University. Many individuals have their own opinion on what they think is an advantage and a disadvantage. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages that individuals side with. It honestly just depends of the individual themselves. A large majority of students prefer a Community College over a University and sometimes it maybe the other way around. Only a student can really identify whether or not they want to experience the campus life, the competition it was take a student to get into the school they please.

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