The Benefits of Diversity in Business Organization

Diversity has become a major competitive factor for many companies around the world and for those who are still not convinced about, there are several points that they should consider in order to stay successful in the future I believe that diversity helps organizations to transition into global markets with much more ease because the world has different societies with different cultures. A wall diversify company could project a positive image of the company to its customers. Diversity can help build brand equity and grow the business as well as enhance operational efficiency.

Regardless of the size of the company, the different areas, regions or cities in which they do business should be treated individually, so their workforce must look and think like those places as well. In the US, demographics have changed a lot in last few years and it will keep changing dramatically in the next years.

Therefore, employers need to keep in mind that their workforce must change as well and stop considering only white males as their traditional workforce.

However, race is not the only factor to be considered within the workforce. For example, the labor force age 45764 will grow faster than the labor force of any other age group as the baby-boom generation continues to age. At the same time, the labor force age 25—34 is projected to decline by 2.7 million. According to Stanford University, there are several benefits for a company that diversifies their labor force beyond increasing revenues and productivity Just to name a few, here some examples: Diversity improves employee commitment by developing a well-rounded workforce reflecting different attitudes and values that can be shared and integrated throughout the organization.

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Diversity develops core competencies by integrating different views, skills, responsibilities, and abilities.

Diversity builds upon a multi» cultural dimension by introducing heterogeneity in a work environment A culturally diversified workforce develops a representative workforce having different attitudes and values to enhance career development. Workforce diversity develops people-centered skills by creating information sharing among people and creates a socialized environment. Increased networking of individuals can result to enhance increased social interaction among people. I have been lucky enough to work for several companies with people from all around the world and from different age groups. I must say that many Limes I have learned more from them than from any company training ever provided. My past experiences have taught me how to handle situations that now I have to deal with every single day In my opinion, diversifying should be a standard policy for any company

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