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The Bauhaus was an art school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 Paper

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The Bauhaus was an art school, founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 just after World War One in Weimar, Germany. The primary influences behind the Bauhaus were modernism, the English Arts and Crafts. Gropius arranged these contrasting influences at the Bauhaus, where the current principles were unity of form and function, the idea that design is accessible to everyone. Mimicking a medieval society structure, with apprentices, tradesmen and experts, the Bauhaus reasoning energised everybody to collaborate. In a radical move, ladies were permitted to enrol. As analysing this manifesto, it becomes evident that Walter was going to achieve something no one has ever seen or expected. It was going to influence many people’s lives. Not only did it have an influence to the people at that time, but it has also had an influence on people today as it still relevant and talked about.

Nowadays, nearly a century after it was established, the Bauhaus has sometimes been overthrown as the key impact in design, mechanical plan, composition and numerous other disciplines in which it once held influence. However post-Bauhausian work in these disciplines exists, at a minor portion, in reaction to the Bauhaus. It is such a essential fraction of the history of aesthetics that its standards must be replied indeed by those who oppose this idea with them. We all live within the shadow of the Bauhaus.

Gropius’ concept of uniting all trades and crafts was something that he was determined to accomplish. He was about to create a future where all are unified.

All different categories needed to work together unitedly and equally in order to create something extraordinary incorporating every aspect. As Leah Dickerman wrote in Bauhaus Fundamentals, “the Bauhaus brought together a diverse group of international artists, designers and architects in a kind of cultural think tank for the times.” As it is seen nowadays, all groups work together constantly, mixing all their skills and teaching one other. As an example, we see that in the construction industry today, architects are not working by themselves but with other designers and trades in order to get the best results. They are all seen as equals.

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On the other hand, in modern times, the Bauhaus has had many political problems specifically towards their artworks. In the book Bauhaus Conflicts, 1919-2009; Controversies and Counterparts written by Philipp Oswalt depicted with prejudicial political debates concerning the Weimar period which left the Bauhaus exposed on every attack which followed great development both artistic and educational. However, the influence it has had is prodigious but the experimentation of their teachings, their priority in process instead of product, shifted to concernment rather than a sense of diversity that is far reaching than those who fully experienced the Bauhaus training.

In conclusion, Walter Gropius’ concept on unifying all craftsmen and trades, making them all equal and creating the Bauhaus had a high impact in 1919 but also almost a century later in recent times. Through critical analysis,

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