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the author focusing on the major issue in alcohol problem and Paper

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, the author focusing on the major issue in alcohol problem and conflict between economics. He explains how politics happened in order to response the distinct in society class. He had been try to argue that the relationship between work and life had changed were the center of the changed of religious in Rochester. Johnson also believes that people who create Rochester were network of the families and friends that work together and help each other to be able to reach our own goals.

Drinking problem is one of the main problem that Johnson point out.

Every household will keep alcohol in the house as a “treat” to themselves and for the visitors and use it on celebrated. Alcohol is the key to make a closer relationship in household workshops, a delightful relation between men. According to Johnson, the differences of social class is becoming distinct because he believes the event happened because the some of middle-class people had been moving away from the business and some working-class people started to set themselves free and live on their own. Before they were live with master in their house, but they start to move out and live on their own with their family. For this reason, two different political parties started to show up and interest. It is interesting that Johnson tried to discuss on how the Whigs get support from churchgoers and middle-class people, meanwhile the democrat got support from working-class people. From the result in different side of parties, it caused the conflict of social society because each parties have their own interest in manage the economics and political. For example, the drink that contains alcohol get controlled the drinking limiting four grocery license at forty and fifty dollars each (131). The class that get the most policy affect was working-class because they like to drink and alcohol is one of the main drink they have during revivals. This policy force every brewery in the residential area either go out of business or operate illegally. Johnson successful in showing of the successful effective of the politics parties of methodology.

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In this book, men have huge impact for political, society and economies in this period of 1815-1837. Similarly, women also one of the huge impact in the revivals in this period, but Johnson fails to mention any role of women that happened in this period. He did not talk about how upper-class housewives affect the household and how women affect the impact of the household. Moreover, Johnson also did not mention the women in working-class and single women usually work in factories that have affect the working-class people. Most of the people who went to churches are women – which have a direct affects Johnson argument about all religious men are main supportive and contributor in the revivals. Johnson disregard the influential the impact of the women in that time brings his argument into question.

Overall I feel that this book is precisely accurate historically in talking about male working class, the political and the influence of different parties. As Johnson mention in the preface to the 25-th Anniversary edition of the book that this book is powerful for undergraduate but not as powerful for graduate students. Since this book contains many interesting facts of how middle-class developed in Rochester, it contains all the important for historical that professor want their student to know.

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