The Assertion That a Society Based on State Dependence

Balko claims that we, the citizens of this nation, have created a society based on governmental dependence through supporting laws and regulations; defining our personal decisions instead of cultivating a sense of personal responsibility for the actions among the American population. He investigates the politics behind the obesity epidemic though unbiased lenses and tackles the main point of individual ownership for health head on. He responds to criticism, delves into the mind of the audience, and exposes the tactics of the government to show how important and necessary his claims are.

Balko is bold and writes with a sense of urgency and conviction that puts the issues at hand in the forefront of the reader’s mind. He draws upon the assumptions and feelings of the American population while simultaneously reaching out the individual, further supporting his idea that it is the individual choices made that will have an influence on change in this country.

There have been many different initiatives implemented to more fully involve the government in the exercise and diet industry.

Millions of dollars have been invested in these programs to reduce obesity rates in the United States. Government regulations threaten extra taxes and food testing in order to scare companies into providing healthier options for the average consumer. But, all of these preventative and socialistic laws are not motivating people to change. Balko suggests that by putting less emphasis on personal responsibility to make healthy choices and making it more of a group effort, Americans are now expected to take care of each other.

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The more we accept responsibilities for everyone else’s actions, the more society will accept the government restrictions on food and food companies based off consumers bad habits. Instead of creating more rules and regulations, there should be a greater emphasis put on personal responsibility because health is a private principle and should not be a matter for the entire public to witness and judge. Balko argues that American’s have forced obesity and health to become public problems and that healthy habits could more easily incentivized through means other than the law. By allowing more freedom to reward and penalize healthy decisions as they please, consumers would find the encouragement to take their health into their own hands. There will be overall better health in this country if one focused on developing personal motivation to make healthy changes instead of relying on outside influences.

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