The Application on Biomimicry Which Give Designers and Engineers a Lot of Inspiration

There are a lot of examples of the application on biomimicry which give designers and engineers a lot of inspiration. The one is that the design of bullet train, engineers reshaped the nose of the train to emulate a kingfisher, which allowed it to enter the station soundlessly, like a kingfisher diving into the water after its prey. This modification to the structure of the train also reduced the energy use of the train by 30 percent. (Phillips, 2018) Another example is that a company called EvoLogics got inspired by the way dolphins communicate, as they can recognize the waves by individual up to 25 km.

This company tried to mimic dolphins’ unique frequency-modulating acoustics, and developed a high-performance underwater modem for data transmission, which is currently employed in the tsunami early warning system throughout the Indian Ocean. (AskNature Team, 2016). As Elias Knubben, head of corporate bionic projects at Festo, stated:

‘In industry, criteria such as flexibility, weight and energy efficiency are acquiring increasing significance.

Optimised over billions of years, nature shows in a variety of ways how maximum performance can be achieved while using minimal energy consumption and as few materials as possible. Our aim is not to copy nature, but to learn from it and take inspiration from its vast pool of highly efficient, smart solutions.'(Knubbe, 2015).

A more technologically oriented approach to apply nature’s design inisghts has also been developed since then, whose name “bionics” had been given by Major J.E. Steele, US Air Force engineer. While it generally evokes experiments such as the creation of artificial human body parts — bionic limbs, ares or eyes, the field of bionics is currently gaining more recognition and support in the scientific community.

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Since the 1970s, especially Werner Nachtigall, a german zoologist whose work enabled bionics to developed into an field of study and inspiration for engineers. (Wahl, 2017) According to Nachtigall bionics is the process of “learning from nature as an inspiration for independent technical design”. One of the main principle of Bionics according to Nachtigall is : ‘Integrated instead of additive construction’,(Ibid.).)

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