The Ambitious Mr Duckworth by Tim Parks Review

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Morris Duckworth has almost there. He arrived in Bella Italia where sunlight flows, the fountains splashing, resplendent proud facades for centuries and represent the people during their daily passeggiata Style and serenity on display. He still is not among them – its funds only go for a cheap rental apartment in Montorio, a suburb of Verona – but his goal is ambitious: a casual, cheerful prosperous life as a member of the fine circles this paradisiacal country

Looking back on the already made large span amused him.

Born in one of the countless gloomy housing settlements in England, where his father had beaten saufender beloved mother at an early stage to the grave, the “brave mama’s boy”, the “Custom” and “nerd” was finally free. The “son of the working class” would not accept the “union mentality” of the Father, and at the very least he would follow his pragmatic advice from the “on-the-carpet Stay”. It drove a longing to rise “in clear heights”.

He likes can be of BBC World Service by unbearable evening quiz shows remember “why you had run away because “. Really attracts Morris of leather when he comes to speak of his countrymen who meet abound him in his new home: “true Dickens characters”, “bent”, but proud of their Falklands tested working-class- the ability to suffer. Most intensely they experience their poverty if they suck on TV the lives of real rich, especially the Royals voyeuristic or “in a beautiful, sunny country again found”. This eternal whining wanted Morris once and for all get away.

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For the past two and a half years, the young Englishman in Verona pursuing ambitious his goal of social advancement. Throughout the day and the city, Morris is the spoiled, lazy, stupid children of the wealthiest families four hours private tutoring in English. As low service it is of course hardly recognized as a glance, and of wealth and career, he will be excluded despite the greatest motivation. Frustration at the injustice of “accidental birth” is to him, he threatens to fall back into the class struggle mentality of its origin.

But he quickly corrects himself. The rich Italian upper class is not hated him so that he destroy them wanted to. Rather, he nevertheless admires their style, their way of life. The only question is how he can gain cleverly inlet – perhaps as convincing impostor? Furthermore, it is worth pondering.

Massimina Trevisan could be on his way, “the big prize”. The seventeen year old is a lost cause as far as their talent for languages ​​and all school requirements, but her family draws thanks to a winery and other possessions from the solid. Above all, the girl literally flies on her tutor ( ” Morriiees, quanto sei dolce !”) And has just even expressed a desire to “its being fidanzata .” Morris appears to inaugural visit to mother Luisa Trevisan bravely determined to seize his chance to enchant “the old dragon” and convince the whole family, the sisters and the brother (a poultry Baron) from him. But despite his best Morris flashes from freezing, and even in writing. The family decided and Massimina agree with that, “that you are the right approach for them are not.”

But Morris has already become Italian to be easy to be beaten. In addition to perfect Italian he has learned to think with a peculiar new freedom, all opportunities to consider value-free to go out more outgoing. How easy it was to please him already on his way here to sunny Italy to let go with a distinguished gentleman from the train compartment the fine leather briefcase. Had he not been “thought Italian”? Since then he gives the carefully cultivated case a “professional touch” when he takes as a private tutor in the noble gentlemen.

Morris previously detects hidden talents in itself, and one should not waste, but use. The case barg including the intimate diary of its owner, a revealing diary, sent derives a plan from Morris, “a real showpiece, […] a challenge for imagination and mind.” A letter is quickly written and sent, and already Morris Duckworth schliddert in his first crimes. More will follow and time also bloody collateral damage.

Although signora Trevisan’s removal was clear, the fate of Morris gives a second chance, because the love of her little daughter is unbroken. With flying colors and a considerable sum of money Massimina wants to elope with her lover to once they come of age, to marry him. As a gift from heaven can not despise Morris, only the final step of their Ansinnens he does not necessarily share. his fidanzata takes behind his back, he very clever (and not under his hated name Duckworth) Contact Mother Trevisan and submits her a daring business offer.

Morris Duckworth’s a criminal sociopath, but something that not enough proposes a broken hero tölpelhaft unscrupulously for his slightly too large selected projects, so it’s bad conscience ever been to the stomach, intestines and nervous system. Its author Tim Parks, born in 1954 in Manchester, an academic education at Cambridge and Harvard, lives in Verona since 1,981th Meanwhile, a lecturer in literary translation, he had at the beginning of the eighties once the valley depressing experiences as low-paid English teacher fording, and his equally intelligent and entertaining detective comedies from the Verona high society , more amusing as tingling thrilling, overcome had teething problems. Meanwhile, the number has grown to a remarkable trilogy, the Kunstmann publishing house in Munich in the translation of Lutz-W. Wolff presented with flashy Cover comic style as a real eye-catcher.


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