The Alteration in the Lives of the People Caused by the Impact of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

Throughout life people tend to do the same activities over and over again, These activities become routine; not only are these behaviors done daily but weekly, monthly and even annually, These routines that are repeated over time become tradition, Imagine that one day these traditions had been altered a life-changing experience. This happens to people all around the world regularly, which is not always predictable, Hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes are all-natural disasters that take place frequently, along, with many others, Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to see what time it is because the power is out, or even struggling to stay warm.

People had gone through this when Hurricane Sandy had hit the metropolitan area, in late October of 2012. When going through the resources it is evident 10 see that all of these had impacted traditions, but these traditions that had been affected varied in size, ranging from minor, average and global.

The first size of impact that will be addressed is the minor group.

This had been discussed in the resource, “Hurricane Sandy: Halloween postponed for millions of kids.” This resource had sven input of the children who had been outraged because of the postponing of Halloween, which had fallen on the day after Sandy had rained its terror. The mayor of New Jersey, Chris Chihhad address the people telling them that Halloween was rescheduled to be that Monday.

This tradition had affected a lot of the communities along the East Coast. It also had directly disrupted the people who had planned to attend the annual Halloween parade and forced the impatient children to wait to get their yearly dose of Halloween candy, Even though this may have seemed like the end of the world to these kids, a larger group of people had been suffering from more severe catastrophic impacts than the lack of sugar rushes and scary costumes.

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Devastation that could be compared as larger, vet not quite the scale as sizeable ones come from the resource, Down on the boardwalk, New Jersey Rebuilds One Year Later. This article gives personal examples of people from the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and the battle that had taken place with Hurricane Sandy. This article gives the large-scale example that was broadcasted on almost every new station the night of Hurricane Sandy, the picture of the monumental Seaside Height Boardwalk roller coaster lost out at sea. This had been a place where many people from this area and bordering states had come to enjoy the summer days, and its widely known boardwalk, The author also drew attention to another place called.

This place had been a local hot stop on the boardwalk for over fifty years, it had been a “365-day 2-year arcade since it had been established in 1952 and hasn’t closed its door for one day since opening” (Koebler). This until the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which left this arcade out of business for nearly two months. ‘This had not been the only resource that was found about an average size group that had been impacted.

Tho next article, “The Tong Road Ta Recovery”, had touched upon another middling-sized group that had been affected. This article talked about the people that had been out of power due to the triumph of Hurricane Sandy. Citizens of New York and New Jersey had been out of power for days on end. This had made people struggle to stay warm in the cold night, and even struggle to stay clean. Another aspect that this article had touched upon had been the fact that the air quality had been dreadful these people had been breathing air that had been polluted by many different chemicals, which had been enormously dangerous to their health. Also, it had touched on how the water quality had been terrible, This had affected the people living in these areas in drastic ways, it had not been the largest crowd of people but it was still a significant amount, This had put the idea of the everyday living traditions one goes through from waking up and taking a hot shower that could not be done since they did not have water heaters that were not run without electricity. Even going outside to get exercise by running, could not be done because of the terrible air quality, These were all altered by the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Not only were homemade traditions impacted but even the way people get around every day were under attack from the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Throughout all of this one major impact that had been more widespread then the powerless was the gas epidemic. In the source, “Hurricane Sandy Gas Shortage: Dry Pumps Could Last For Days” it had enriched the publics knowledge about the shortage of electricity that was mentioned in “The Long Road To Recovery.” This article talks more about how there had been a major shortage of gas because of the excess use due to the generators that were being used  power houses, This had lead to gas lines that had been miles long at times, Fven if one had waited in this line to obtain the gas some stations had run out of gas once people made it to the front, this had left people stranded at the front of the line. This had affected people’s traditions of boing able to travel where ever they wanted oF even when they wanted fo. Without gas ane had been stranded in their house without power struggling to da anything.

One of the most sizeable impacts that had come along had been found from the article, Weather News. This article had spoke about many of the everyday events that had been cancelled due to the storm that had struck down, One thing the article had talked about was that about “20,000 flights out of the airports in New York had been cancelled” (Weather News). This had been over two days of flights; this had not been the only global catastrophe that had been
implicated from the aftermath of Hutricane Sandy. Another had been the closing ofthe “New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Market for an unprecedented two-days” (Weather News). This had not only affected the traditional lives on New Yorkers, but the lives of anybody that had money in the stock market. This had hurt people all around the United States, or even people across the oceans. Another large-scale event that had been cancelled had been presidential campaign, and even the world famous New York Marathon. This had been things that impacted
traditions of people who run these marathons and look forward to them annually, and all the people who had traveled to see their loved ones now stuck stranded in some areas without power or even safe living conditions.

In summation we can conclude that, people part take in daily, weekly, monthly, and annually traditions; these traditions can be altered in the matter of minutes due to the calamitous impact of a natural disaster. These damages can happen at any minute, and at no location is the person being altered safe from its impact. Throughout reading this essay the resources iis distinet that Hurricane Sandy had a greac impact on traditions, not only were the people staying in the metropolitan area atthe time impacted. These traditions that had been effected varied in size, ranging from minor, average and global.

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