The Affect of Mass Shootings In Columbine

The names that the U.S knows sadly, Sandy-Hook, NIU, and the Columbine the list goes on and on. No matter how long it’s been or where people were raised the names of theses schools will ring as loud as bullets that flew through the school those tragic days. People going to school, out to dinner, clubs, church, concerts, and work and let’s face it people have a lot to worry about. The last thing they don’t want to worry about is their safety.

The definition of a mass shooting is an incident killing multiple human beings with a firearm within one event or close proximity. (Stronger gun control laws). The most deadliest mass shootings are the columbine school shooting in 1999, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, the gay night club in Orlando Florida in 2016, the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, and the parkland Florida school shooting 2018 and the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas. (Gun Control ). The people of America just want to know what are the u.

s as a whole will do to stop another tragedy from happening. Because of an increase in guns in America there have been over a dozen high profile mass shootings in the recent decades. There are three main about how the u.s can prevent more mass shootings from occurring, for instance universal background check strategies, Gun laws without abiding the second amendment, and awareness/identification.

To prevent more tragedies from happening the use of universal background checks allows the suppliers to view the buyer’s records and mental stability without spending a dime.

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The all inclusive personal investigation and re-banner laws, have demonstrated an unmistakable dominant part of mass shooters that have left a record that would obviously reflect unsteadiness. With the assistance of historical verifications it can likewise neglect to address the issue of the individuals who slip into a conceivably vicious spiral. The expansion of background checks for guns in which supporters and non-supporters agree to think it will help reduce the amount of gun violence in the United States. 51 percent of gun owners believe that shootings such as the Las Vegas shooting were inevitable, where 67 percent of non-gun owners believe that mass shootings could and will be prevented. After the Parkland Florida school shooting on February 14, 2018, Florida and Washington State enacted a legislation that raised the minimum age to buy a certain type of weapon from age 18-21 years old. In response to these high-profile shootings several businesses announced changes to their policies like Dick’s sporting Goods store and L.L. Bean announced they would stop selling semi automatic rifles.

With that said the United States need to find a loophole to make gun laws stricter without abiding the second amendment. Former president Obama once said “We do know that once again innocent people were killed as a country we have to reckon this kind of mass violence doesn’t not happen in other advanced countries. It is our power to do something about it.” (Gun Control ).Opponents can argue that abiding firearms is a violation of the second amendment and placing stricter regulations on gun ownership will only help criminals and unstable people, by disarming those who defend themselves and those who protect others. Calls for stricter gun control typically grow on high profile mass shootings such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy, the Las Vegas strip shooting, Gay nightclubs and more. When Connecticut tighten up their gun laws after the columbine shooting on April 2, 1999 gun homicides there fell by 40 percent. Cars kill as many people as firearms and we don’t ban cars, no but automobiles are an excellent example. Missouri loosened their gun laws and firearm homicides there rose by 25 percent.

Finally, Awareness/identification is the way to prevent such tragedies, with just three simple steps it can change the environment of schools to lower school shootings. The first step is prevention, the school climate the relationship among the students and the adults in a school any social emotional curriculum taught in the classrooms. It is affected by the schools’ approach to discipline and behavior the availability of counselors and social workers. Why does this matter to us, well the very kids who bring weapons to school are more likely to report being bullied or threatened themselves or others. The second step is the Witness. 20 to 30 percent of students above the elementary level have reported seeing a weapon of some kind at school at least once the school year. This approach not just applicable for mass shootings but for the violence that arises from disputes between students or when gang violence spills onto school grounds. The third step is Emergency Mode, after the columbine shooting in 1999 the FBI and the Secret Service each conducted studies for school and mass shootings. They found that there was no “profile”of a school shooter, but almost all the students who have committed school shootings have told someone of their intentions. The two agencies recommended that schools copy what the secret service does when someone makes a threat on a government official.

However, what makes the U.S think that they can prevent mass shootings from happening. The executive director of gun owners of America Erich Pratt said “We cannot blame gun owners the gun itself, or the liberals protected in the second amendment for how individuals abuse that freedom.” Such measures will not prohibited mass shootings or America’s gun violence. We as a country have failed our children, if a state with some of the nation’s strictest gun laws can’t prevent such a tragedy, where can we feel safe. The Terror of mass shootings was for a few worsened by a way of despair. People feel like there is no way around this because either way it goes people are going to find a way around the situation completely and if the FBI can’t prevent them what makes them think we can. Enhancing background checks doesn’t mean it will end mass shootings because a man with a good record can just snap and go on a spree without the FBI doubting them.

The “Third party” of supporters and non supporters of gun laws feel that the government is being hypocritical saying and placing rules to ban weapon trafficking but the government give guns to people in other countries for resources so how can we trust our own government to protect us. American citizens can always get around to find illegal guns and using them for violence.

Many steps must be taken to keep down gun violence, but it is only one of the many steps that needs to be taken to extremely cut down mass shootings. It is not refutable that there has been an increase in the bad behavior of gun use age and increase in mass shootings. It isn’t going to age a pill or magic potion or a day to turn around. It needs/demands the new generation to make a stand and run with it.

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