The Advantage and Disadvantage of Space Exploration

Space exploration is a program that has many costs, not just financial. While it is beneficial to the country, there are also disadvantages to the program that must be considered. While there are many factors to assess, the financial cost and the comparison of advantages and disadvantages to citizens are most important. The financial costs of the space program have been heavily debated, weighing the benefits against the disadvantages. According to Source C, about $0.6 of taxpayer money goes to the space program — along with a few other programs — every year, therefore it is important to consider and hear the opinions of those who are paying for it.

However, mixed opinions make it a difficult topic to come to terms with, but those mixed opinions make it even more so important to do just that.

While some claim that “money disperses throughout the economy in the same way as money spent on medical research, building houses, or any other activity we engage in with government or even private spending,” (Source A), others say, “As much as I like space and the idea of people on Mars, I don’t see the case for using taxpayer money to get it done […] Leave the money here on other.

” (Source H) While opinions are split, every citizen is paying these taxes, so the financial aspect of the program is one that needs careful consideration before coming to an overall conclusion. Space exploration has also shown to have advantages to people here on Earth, with our growing knowledge of space helping us to progress as a people.

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However, deciding if these advantages outweigh any risks is an important factor in space exploration decisions. Explorations of space “build wealth for their nation, solves problems, and enhances life for their people right here on Earth,” (Source A) but space can’t be seen as entirely advantageous. According to Source F, any progressions are not without their risk, who claims that putting our people on other planets may bring back bacteria that could easily spread and infect us. With space exploration comes many pros and cons that need to be carefully analyzed before coming to a decision. However, the most important of these would be the financial costs and seeing if the advantages to citizens outweigh the negatives. These two are the most pressing factors, and a large part of the decision when it comes to space exploration.

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