The 2020 Non-commissioned Officer Strategy Is The Future Of The United States Army

The strategies main purpose is to develop a new teaching tool and process for future Soldiers. “A professional, trained, and prepared NCO Corps is central to the Army’s ability to remain ready as the world’s premier combat force. (NCO 2020 Strategy NCOs Operating in a Complex World, 2015)” The 2020 Non-Commissioned Officer Strategy uses 3 core main solutions. Those solutions are development, talent management, and stewardship of the profession. These core solutions were developed to design a new United States Army learning technique for the future a Non-Commissioned Officer.

The development within the current United States Army is an ever-changing subject. The Army has always been trying to develop new techniques to get a superior edge on other countries military forces. The quote, “The best leaders create environments that allow individuals to grow and trust subordinates. (General Odierno had stated at a leadership development conference, 2011)” General Odierno emphasized that development will not be up to the Army changing policies, but the soldiers within the Army molding to the new force of the Non-Commissioned Officer core.

The new Army wants to develop new soldiers using deliberate processes that emphasize education and knowledge obtained from older soldiers who have learned from experience.

The key to this strategy is to get the older generation of soldiers to find what their counterparts are good at. This is known as talent management. Susan M. Heathfield quoted, “When you tell a prospective employee that you are dedicated to a talent management strategy that will ensure that he or she will have the opportunity to develop professionally, you attract the best talent.

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(Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop, 2019)” This quote is what the Army is striving to accomplish, because when a soldier is already naturally good at something they can strive to be even better at that subject. This can cause the soldiers to strive to be a steward of their profession.

A steward of the profession in the United States Army is someone who instills the army values and ethics within themselves and the work environment. This basically means true patriots will teach patriots. Quoted by Aaron Churchill, “Leaders are stewards at the team level whenever they work to ensure individuals within the organization interact well with each other. (What is Stewardship, and should all great leaders practice it?, 2019) With this development soldiers in the Army can build relationships and discipline. This is important because, without motivated Soldiers that are happy with serving their country these soldiers will not do what is best to develop into better Non- Commissioned Officers.

The 2020 Non- Commissioned Officer Strategy is what is best in developing the next generation of Non- Commissioned Officers. By using development to create change, talent management to resource more strength, and stewardship to instill the pride of the military the United States Army can be a stronger fighting force. It will insure that all future Non- Commissioned Officers will be ready to train new Soldiers and accomplish any mission that Army is faced with.

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