How does the media manipulate social issues?

The following sample essay on “How does the media manipulate social issues?”:the media plays a large part in shaping our views, making us see issues in a different light whether it’s a positive or negative influence. In some way the media plays a part in our daily routine, whether its checking Facebook, reading magazines articles or even just sitting down in the afternoon to watch the news, its safe to say the media influences todays society, pretty much makes our mind up for us and therefore we rely on it and completely trust it.

Today we will be looking at how the media uses a variety of techniques like connotation to manipulate their audience. The topic that will be discussed is a specifically mediatized issueabortion. Abortion come with a lot of negative publicity, but it also come with some positive aspects that many people usually look past having the idea that abortion is taboo.

The first media article that has influenced this topic is written by the medical journal of Australia coauthored by Caroline M de Costa and Heather Douglas.

This text uses several connotations throughout the article to manipulate us readers, one word in particular that was used was decriminalization this was word was also right in the heading. Using a strong word like decriminalization, having criminal right there within the word suggest to the audience that abortion is and once was a criminal act. A passage from this text shows the positives of terminating a pregnancy, the passage reads: a woman may choose to terminate their pregnancy if a serious abnormality is detected, with agreement from a doctor this is when terminating a pregnancy before it becomes a larger problem can be quite a positive thing and, in some cases, saves the mothers life.

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A second media article that has influenced the idea of abortion come from a negative point of view. The article was written by Right To life Australia, titled an argument against abortion. This article has a strong belief that all abortion is murder and should be forbidden under any federal law and any surrounding circumstances are irrelevant. Yes, thats right, murder, this connotation was used in the article, the definition of murder reads: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another so using this word clearly states to the audience that abortion is unlawful and should be forbidden. At the beginning of this media article the author stated, There is dignity and value in every human life, every human life has the right to be protected, these statements add feeling and aim to get the readers to have sympathy for the unborn children.

A third article written by David Perrin in the Newsweekly titled, cutting abortion rate clearly shows the number of babies being aborted and talks about late- term abortions. Since abortion has become legalized in Australia some to 3 million babies have been aborted, however Mr. Perrin argues that there are several simple measures Australia could adopt to give women a better alternative. State health minister Bronwyn Pike proposes that mothers should have to undergo a 48-hour cooling off period and per take in compulsory counselling leaving mothers who may have deformed babies free to go ahead with the termination. Although this would only be for women contemplating a late-term abortion for psychosocial reasons, this is a brilliant idea as it mentions in the text you can’t deny that the aborted child of a late-term abortion is a baby because of the visible body parts like their head, arms and legs and undoubtedly feels pain before it dies, so late- term abortions should be avoided. Federal health minister, Tony Abbotts idea to encourage women to keep their babies was to pay the current baby bonus in instalments from 14 weeks into the pregnancy and proposing to add a voluntary pregnancy counselling to the Medicare schedule however there is no guarantee that these proposals will be approved. Some to three million babies aborted, that’s 3 million lost citizens who could have made a significant positive addition to Australian society David Perrin expressed.

Another media article that has influenced this topic is titled Im’ not ashamed about my abortion authored by Lauren. As you would have guessed Lauren has had an abortion before and claims she will not me made to feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed about it. Three years after her abortion, she decided to write this article letting other women know that she has not regretted it for a second. Early in the text she states that she had a good life, a good job and living with her boyfriend of four and a half years when she found out she was pregnant, she was in a good position to have a child except for the fact that she did not want one at this point in her life and that’s okay. She knew she wasn’t alone because statistics show that in Australia, almost one in three women will have at least one abortion in their lifetime. Lauren took this discussion to twitter encouraging woman to speak up about their experiences without getting shamed or feeling embarrassed, one woman, Athena Rising said I had an abortion at 23- a decision that allowed me and my two young ones to escape their abusive father, this is another excellent example of how abortion may be the only choice now. At the end of the article Lauren said, my abortion didn’t emotionally cripple me, or make me a monster.

To finish my argument, as you can see from the previous articles, its undoubtedly obvious that the media plays a large part in persuading our point of view. ..

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How does the media manipulate social issues?
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