Territorial Expansion: The Louisiana Purchase

For America to get to the economic status that it’s at, there were decisions that had to be made. Policies had to be enforced in order for America to be a thriving country in the future. These policies had to be enforced by early U.

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S. presidents. Some foreign policies that were used by early U.S. presidents included isolation, territory expansion, and acts of aggression. One of the policies that was used by early U.S. presidents was isolation.

In paragraph 2 of President George Washington’s speech, he warns us against having permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world. He warned against this since there is the possibility of being betrayed and a war breaking out against the other nations. This is an example of isolation since he recommends that we have no connection or alliances with any portion of the foreign world. Isolation is also shown in the caption for document C. This is an example of isolation since it talks about how the U.

S. passed the Embargo Act which states that the U.S. cannot trade with other countries. This act was supposed to serve as payback to hurt Britain and France for interfering with trade but it actually ended up hurting the U.S. by reducing trade.

The U.S. had remained isolated from the outside world when it came to trade until the nonintercourse act was passed that states that Americans to trade with all nations except for Britain and France. Another policy that was used by early U.S. presidents was territory expansion. An example of territory expansion was the Louisiana purchase. The Louisiana purchase was a purchase that Thomas Jefferson made. It brought into the United States about 828,000,000 square miles of territory from France. The newly acquired land practically doubled the territory of the United States. This newly acquired territory stretched from the Mississippi river in the east to the rocky In addition to isolation and expansion, another policy that was used by early U.S. presidents was acts of aggression. In Document E, the cartoon depicts James monroe keeping European powers from entering. In the caption there is aggression shown since he threatens to intervene in Europe’s affairs if they do not listen to the fact that the western hemisphere is closed to European colonization.

Aggression can also be found in Document C since America passed the embargo act to cut trade with the outside world since France and Britain interfered with their trade. This is an example of aggression since they are showing that whenever someone does something to upset them, they will not hesitate to do something back. Even though the embargo act was meant to hurt France and Britain, it ended up hurting themselves by cutting their trade. Due this act they lost about 80 million dollars which led them to pass the nonintercourse act that states that Americans are allowed to trade with all nations except for France and Britain.

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