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The feeling of being one happy family Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Teenage Pregnancy

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I was a child who grew up without the essence of what is the feeling of being a complete and one happy family, a child that grew and develop under the management and cared of my mother and for being a broken family me and my mother were goes anywhere we can feel that we belong like a hen with a one chick we’re always looking for a compatible and a sustainable standard of life actually she has so many worries and problems because I was only a child that time I’m haven’t feel of what are the feeling that my mother feels, as time pass by I didn’t cared of what my mother felt because as I looks when I was a child it’s all look quite simple like everything is all fine but I hadn’t known that at the of his smile there is hiding in her heart as the day pass by and then the feelings that’s hiding in heart and the more years to come the more and more worries of her that she used to hide and pretended that all is good. Then as days goes by I noticed her physical changes and when she lay besides me in bed and suddenly I looks to her eyes a tears fell and I as child that time I ignores everything. At the time that my mother had a certain illness that need to spend lot of money, so her older sister seek any fund to pay an amount of the hospital then he being out from the hospital and brought many do’s and don’ts given by the physician. And then days come she’s being attack by her ill and that night didn’t holds back and that time I loss the most important person in my life.

For that event, struggle, and pain that I experienced in my life when I loss my mom I feel the worries and much disappointment of how I behave when she was still in my side. In losing her and in the new chapter in my life I learn to engage such addiction to cigarette, drinking alcohol moderate but of course I’m not able to take prohibited drugs it seems not totally good. I engaged that activity because I influenced with my peer and friends and not giving much attention my education I have been taken and brought to a wrong direction in my path. As time goes by I realize that it can’t help me but it’s a destruction of my whole life, that time I slowly eliminate any unwanted things that time because I know my mother isn’t also wanted that kind of life to be. I make those all things as only challenge that need to be possessed to be awake of everything.

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For all the memories and experienced happened to me I cannot forget the when me and my mother live together in so many challenges in life and raised me up without a father’s support and then we always look for a place to sustain just our needs just like a hen with a chick who has a courage enable to live freely. And also when the time that I loss her it’s totally tragic to me because I didn’t know how I live without a family and how do I adapt this new chapter in life.

People in my life is my mother who give birth and take a lot of struggle and disappointment in life, my relatives who has been given me a chance to feel and experienced the feeling of a family although it’s not totally how I feel but I try enable to have this belongingness, and the teachers who gives a lot of motivation and dedication to pursue and finished my goals and to achieve the very best destination in my life.

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